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“Chase Goals That Scare You” - My Story Will Motivate You To Do Things You Think You Can’t

“Chase Goals That Scare You” - My Story Will Motivate You To Do Things You Think You Can’t

It was not long ago when I did my first run of 3 km. I was not a runner but it powered me to take on my second of 5 km ! Here I share how I crossed my third big threshold -- the 7 km run. I’m sure you’ll feel as inspired as I do when I remember the thrill!

I am a RUNNER, because I run. Not because I run fast, not because I run far.

It was only 2 months ago when I did my first 3 km run and while I know 3 km is not a lot, I still remember how excited I felt when I completed it! My next run was a 5 km and I felt unstoppable after completing it!A few weeks later, it was time for my next run which was for 7 km. I was scared but took the plunge anyway. I thought about my 3 and 5 km run and the sense of achievement I felt each time and that made me gather strength to put all my inhibitions aside.

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We gathered at the Janaki Devi Football Turf at Lokhandwala where I met around 50 like-minded crazies who had also come to run. I also met my running partner Megha. She is an amazing lifestyle blogger who manages both a full-time job and a personal blog. We, then,  did our pre - run ritual by watching a documentary and by doing a little bit of warm up.

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The run was supposed to be for 7 km but when we returned to the starting point, we realised it was just 5 km. I wanted to complete my 7 km and so this made me really upset. Then something great happened and we left...again, to complete our remaining 2 km. Even though it was just Megha and me, we felt strong and very motivated. When I was done with my 7K, I felt invincible!

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You should know that there is one common thing that I felt during all my runs - a sense of achievement at the finish line. Running is not just about what it makes you feel on the outside but actually what it makes you feel on the inside. It makes you feel confident, and gives you a way to connect with people! Running may be a solo sport, but there is strength in numbers! Because many others are also fighting their own inhibitions and fears. When I think about my running accomplishments, they all happened because I had the support of a friend or a complete stranger who stepped up when they saw me struggling. But most importantly, it reminded me to chase goals that scare me.

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Running has taught me grit, dedication and overcoming self doubt! I feel like it has literally changed my life and my perspective. It is a source of empowerment and if you’re willing to stick with it long enough, it can teach you how to love who you are. I hope that this post will inspire you to see running not just as a weight loss or fitness tool, but as a journey towards your own personal growth!

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