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Naughty Girl's Guide To Missionary!

Naughty Girl's Guide To Missionary!

Missionary position is to sex is what daal chawal is to all of us - plain old and a tad bit boring! It’s what you resort to when you’re tired, upset or need some reassurance that everything is fine and you’ve still got it going. It has a bad reputation for being too safe but take our word for it when we say that it’s the most versatile position ever!

There are so many things you can do and so many ways you can experiment in the missionary position! Plus, is there anything more romantic than looking into your lover’s eyes while making love? We think not!

So, why don’t we spice up the missionary position and your sex life with some super genius (if we may say so ourselves) sex tricks to take the good old ‘man-on-top’ up another notch! *wink*

1. Over His Shoulder

Who said you have to just lie there while he does all the work during missionary? Girls, work a little harder and just throw your leg(s) over his shoulder while he’s inside you. It’ll give him more space to manoeuvre if he’s generously endowed, and give easy access to grab your bum!

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2. Wrap Your Legs

Another thing to do with your legs is to wrap them around his waist. He’ll be able to go in deeper and faster and there is just something so sexy about this position that most men seem to love it!

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3. Prop Up Your Hips

Put a pillow or a cushion under your hips or lower back so that your pelvis is raised for him. Not only will your lovemaking last longer, it’ll also give him an easier access to your G-Spot leading to a powerful and pleasurable conclusion!

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4. Light Bondage For The Win

While missionary is the most vanilla position ever, nobody is stopping you from adding a little kink to it. Have him handcuff you to the bedpost while he slowly explores your body and lose yourself in the pleasure heaven that’s yours to claim.

4 guide to missionary

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5. Roll Your Hips

While this is a move that works better when you are on top, you can also try it when he’s on top of you. Raise your pelvis slightly over the bed and gently roll your hips while he’s thrusting. Not only will this add to your pleasure, it’ll also have him experience new heights of pleasure!

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