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#MyStory: He Called Off Our Wedding And Took My Money!

#MyStory: He Called Off Our Wedding And Took My Money!

I’d like to think that I am a simple-minded woman. But at the moment, I am also someone inflicted with serious trust issues. I was working in an MNC two years ago when I met this guy, Sumit, (he was one of my managers) - arrogant, loyal and also, single. At that time I was in a relationship with another man but I discovered soon enough that he was already married, and he was also dating another girl. In spite of that, it took me a lot of courage to break-up with him. The final straw was when I saw him making out with another girl in our office parking lot.

After this traumatic experience, I was not in the mood for any kind of relationship. And then I was approached by Sumit who was insistent on getting to know me better. It started with normal chats on messenger and then one thing led to another and he confessed that he fell in love with me the moment he first set his eyes on me. I was quite taken aback as he was 12 years older than me. I initially resisted his overtures but he was persistent saying that he wants to marry me and sees a future with me.

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After a month, I decided to give the relationship a try even though I didn’t feel strongly towards him at the time. Then, we started going on dates and he started growing on me. At this time, our relationship was still a secret and only our closest friends and family knew about it. We met each other’s families and everyone thought we were an ideal match. I quit my job from the MNC and took up one near his house so that we can spend even more time together. We were in a happy space, and I gave my everything to this relationship. We decided to get married this December and our families also knew about it.

But, just last month he suddenly started asking for space and before I knew it, he wanted to rethink the decision to get married. He blocked me from his social media and phone, and for some time I genuinely thought that it was all a prank. Two weeks ago, his friend messaged me that he had decided to call off the wedding. I was in a state of shock on hearing that, I just couldn’t believe it. When I tried to get in touch with him, he just told me to not disturb him. I trusted him so blindly that my entire savings were now in his account and now I had no way of getting it back.

I felt betrayed, weak and shattered. I turned my whole life around for this guy but he couldn’t even meet me to call things off. His cowardice assured me that it was a good decision that we didn’t end up together. And even after the intense agony, I don’t regret trusting someone with all my heart because I wasn’t the one at fault. But now I know better to keep some basic safeguards even if I trust someone completely.

*Names changed to protect privacy

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Published on Oct 10, 2017
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