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#MyStory: I Love My Best Friend But He Is Getting Married!

#MyStory: I Love My Best Friend But He Is Getting Married!

Rohan and I met five years ago while we were working for the same organization, but in different teams. We became friends and from the very beginning, there was a spark between us. I liked him and he admitted that he really admired me too. But he was dating someone at that time so we ended up being friends. The best of friends, to be fair. If there is a concept of soulmates, then that was Rohan and I. We were there for each other through the good times and bad. With each passing day, I could feel myself falling for him. Two years from when we met, I decided it was time I backed out because I needed to focus on my life especially if he was still dating his girlfriend. I dated someone else for a while (not that it helped) and in general, ignored Rohan. He’d ask me to meet and I would cook up some excuse. I did this for two years, he’d call and I’d claim to be busy, we never met or talked much. But he didn’t give up.

Every other day he would diligently call me and every weekend ask to meet. I was hoping to hurt his ego and for him to stop talking to me too but that never happened. Making things even more difficult for me.

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It was when he told me that he had gotten engaged to his girlfriend that I finally decided to meet him. I don’t know what made me take that decision. I just knew it was now or never. We met and it was like we had never stopped talking. He gave me a tight hug and kissed me on my cheek. I asked him if he was angry that I hadn’t met him for so long, and he replied he was but he had missed me more! Nothing had changed.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I blurted what I had been keeping in for so many years. I told him I loved him and he looked at me for a couple of seconds before admitting that he loved me too. He always had. But his girlfriend and he had been dating for way too long and now they were to be engaged, there is nothing he could do. I was hurt by this. But I could I blame him? I had been MIA for two years and he had now moved on in his life. I regret not telling him what I felt before.

I know a lot of people will think he is not a nice guy, marrying someone while admitting his love for another. I’ve thought about it too. I know he cares too much about his family and his girlfriend’s family to call off this marriage. I also know that his girlfriend had cheated on him while they were dating and their compatibility was not the same after. But he was still willing to go ahead and spend his life with her. If I was in his position, would anything be different? Would I have taken a different decision? Maybe, maybe not. I guess that’s an argument for another time.

All I know is that he is to get married a couple of days and I will be there for my best friend, wishing him luck and happiness. We were probably meant for a different life.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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