This Beauty Treatment By Skin Alive Is One That Every Bride-To-Be MUST Try!

This Beauty Treatment By Skin Alive Is One That Every Bride-To-Be MUST Try!

The bad weather in Delhi, work stress and our generally ‘awesome’ lifestyles (sense the sarcasm, ladies) all contribute towards skin problems. Different people with different skin types experience an array of skin issues during this weather. And more often than not, we tend to ignore those issues. But since the shaadi season is just around the corner, I couldn’t really stay ignorant any longer. So I decided to head to Skin Alive, a chain of clinics that specializes in dermatology and aesthetics. Scroll down to read about my experience.

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The session started with Dr. Priyanka Rawal, Skincare Consultant & Lipologist, Skin Alive. She asked me a set of questions about my medical history, skin problems, skin care regime and lifestyle habits. This was followed by a session with Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra, Founder & Chief Dermatologist, Skin Alive, who suggested the treatment I needed based on the evaluation sheet.

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I have normal to dry skin that is generally clear but experiences breakouts during humid weather conditions. Dr. Chiranjiv suggested that I go for an Oxygen Facial Therapy, which was just what my skin needed to look fresh and feel rejuvenated.

What is the Oxygen Facial Therapy?

Skin Alive uses a pure form of oxygen to help their clients achieve radiant looking skin. An OXYjet machine is used for the facial, delivering pressurized oxygen to your skin through a fine mist. It stimulates production of collagen, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin.

My experience with the therapy

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The therapy started with my makeup being removed and my skin thoroughly cleansed with a gentle solution. Post that, the actual work started. A gel containing Vitamin E and orange extract was massaged onto my face using a massager. It went on for a good 10 minutes. The purpose of the gel was to make my skin look fresh and feel supple (I’ll come to the outcome later. Patience, ladies!). After that, another gel with a cucumber and aloe vera base containing Vitamin C was applied to my face. It was then covered with a porous cloth to let it get absorbed into the skin properly. This process was repeated twice.

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After the face massages were done, it was now time for a relaxing neck and back massage. This was my least favourite part of the therapy as I generally don’t enjoy back massages all that much. Also, the pressure was slightly more than what I wanted.

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The last step of the procedure involved the OXYjet spray and it felt amazing. A fine, extremely cold mist infused with Oxygen and rose water was sprayed onto my face. The cooling and relaxing sensation was just what my skin needed after a hectic work week.

Post therapy skin consultation

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After the therapy was over, Dr. Priyanka Aggarwal, consultant Aesthetic Physician, asked me about my experience while designing a basic beauty regime that I needed to follow for skin that looks and feels great. Here are the products she suggested for my skin type.

Sebamed Cleanser (Rs 630)

Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel (Rs 500)

La Shield Sunscreen Gel SPF 40 (Rs 598)

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel (Rs 175)

Now comes the review…

As soon as I entered the clinic, I was impressed with the hygiene levels. Rose petals and candles were instant pick-me-ups and filled the air with a relaxing aroma. The staff and doctors were polite and professional. I was also really happy with the amount of time and effort Dr. Priyanka Rawal put into understanding all my skin care woes.

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Even after one session (I was told I need a total of two), my skin felt radiant and alive. The clinic stands true to its name and the therapy sure did make my skin look radiant and brought back the lost glow.