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6 Movies On Women’s Sexuality Every Girl Needs To Watch

6 Movies On Women’s Sexuality Every Girl Needs To Watch

Don't you find it captivating when certain movies beautifully depict what nobody openly talks about? Well, when a movie talks about something so forbidden such as a woman’s sexuality in the most unabashed manner- I stand charmed. That is why I have created a list of 7 movies centered around sexuality that are perfect for those lazy afternoons cosied in bed. So, get yourself a hot tub of popcorn as watching these movies will not only inspire you; but, will stay with you for a long time to come.

1.Angry Indian Goddesses

In the party state of India, five women from different backgrounds get together for one of their girlfriends forthcoming wedding. They dance, they talk and joyously take down patriarchal norms. Little do they know that this week-long vacation is going to change their lives forever. How? Watch and find out.

I fell in love with this movie because it gloriously showcased every-day struggles of women related to sexism, male domination, or homosexuality on mainstream cinema.

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2. Lolita

Yes, it is the story of a pedophile who falls in love with his underage step-daughter. But, Lolita's seduction cannot be overlooked; though it is, undoubtedly highly unethical and morally challenging. The movie makes for a very confusing; but, very interesting watch.

It will leave you questioning the human mind on lust and contemptuous of the noblest of intentions when it comes to women; age no bar.

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3. The diary of a teenage girl

An empowering tale of teenage women sexuality; I promise this movie is unlike any other you have watched.  A15-year old girl starts having an affair with her mother’s boyfriend. She documents her affair with her guardian elaborately only to find her mom reading her journal. What happens next is a series of events you have to watch the movie for.

Again, it really leaves you sitting at the edge of your seat; not just because of the plot twists; but because of the fact that sexuality rarely ever does have much to do with morality; be it with a man, or a woman.

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4. Pink

When we talk about women sexuality how can we not talk about consent? Pink is a rare bollywood film that talks about gender issues in terms of sexuality but champions feminism. The reason for Pink’s universal connect among women is because it tactfully harbours every demoralising comment Indian women might be subjected to on a daily basis. Showcased with strong female characters and the brilliance of Mr Bachchan only goes on to create magic on screen.

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5.  Margarita with a straw

Brace yourself ladies, because this is one love story you will never be able to forget. One young woman with cerebral palsy falls in love with a blind girl. At one glance, there is something so uplifting about a movie that cautiously takes us into the world of disability and women sexuality. This love story and Kalki Koechlin’s breathtaking performance shall continue to stay with me for a very long time to come.  

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6. Lipstick under my burkha

Four women, each of whom are sexually repressed and suppressed, in various different ways. Yet, these four characters strike a chord with millions of women across India; women who struggle to express their own sexual sides because society does not permit them to do so. Watch this movie and get ready to embark on a life-changing journey about how four women view themselves and the caged world around them. You won't be disappointed.

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