9 Stylish Bollywood Actors You Should Follow If You Love Fashion

9 Stylish Bollywood Actors You Should Follow If You Love Fashion

If you have been soldiering on through a dry spell and are in need of some stylish men in all their glory, this is the place to be! We have rounded up some of the most fashionable men in Bollywood, who in addition to being super talented, are equally conscious about their looks. And is there anything hotter than a man who loves to get done up? Suits, ties, accessories...all the tiny little details are taken care of!

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From the exulting fashion forays of Ranveer Singh to Rahul Khanna’s minimalist style, these Bollywood men love to dress up and how! Scroll through the list below and note down the ultimate list of in vogue guys you need to get on your radar right NOW!

1. Ranveer Singh


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Usually, when boys head to a game they are in their apologetically casual garbs! But Ranveer Singh isn't just any boy, he shows up to a football game in a sleek tailored suit, full with a pocket square and all that jazz!

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2. Shahid Kapoor


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We had to do a double take on this ensemble, the broad stripe detail on his suit is absolutely hypnotic! From chiselled cheekbones to his grey suit that fits like magic, Kapoor is a total babe! We wonder if he skipped his socks on purpose?

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3. Sidharth Malhotra

Tall-dark-handsome stranger, anyone? With his slender frame and gorgeous features, Sidharth Malhotra has donned a range of outfits and made them all work like a charm! Typically playing a ‘boy next door’, we bet he can pull off a debonair avatar equally well on screen like he does off screen!

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4. Akshay Kumar


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Aging like a fine wine, it's hard to believe that the respected actor is 50. If we look back at the style evolution of Akshay Kumar, he can easily become the stuff of legends. Steering clear of cliched outfits, the actor’s contemporary style is what you need to be crushing on!

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5. Ranbir Kapoor


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The apple certainly doesn't fall far from the tree! With a father who became a fashion icon in his teenage years, Ranbir Kapoor was bound to follow suit and. He has slowly created his own identity! We are still in the trenches with his adorable graphic t-shirts in Wake Up Sid!

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6. Rahul Khanna


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There are some things in life which are a constant reminder that there is still beauty in the world. Rahul Khanna’s Instagram page is one of those things. Follow the stylish actor for his gorgeous aesthetics and undeniably unique sense of personal style!

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7. Arjun Rampal


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Hot bassists aren't a thing of fantasy and legend, we got one with Arjun Rampal almost a decade ago. The classy looks that this guy pulls while being ruggedly handsome at the same time, is why he is on this list today!

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8. John Abraham


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Looking past his workout videos (although a sin but we are here purely for fashion!), John Abraham’s social media is filled with him being done up like a total jock! When he does clean up to put on a suit, it's done with poise and class!

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9. Karan Johar


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We bet nobody on this list has a more elaborate wardrobe than Karan Johar does! His plethora of shoes, ties, embellishments and accessories are a treat for any fashion fanatic! An added bonus is that he flaunts his love for fashion loud and proud on social media.

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