#EpicFail: These Are The MOST Common Make-up Fails According To Pros!

#EpicFail: These Are The MOST Common Make-up Fails According To Pros!

Most of you would agree when we say that there are so many make-up products, tutorials, trends and looks out there that it can get a bit confusing (bordering intimidating) for the best of us. And no matter how much information and videos we have access to, getting the technique right is sometimes a challenge. So, we decided to speak to the pros and asked them what the biggest make-up fails are according to them, and how we can (if at all) combat them.

1. Orange bronzer - Jasmeet Kapany Hair & Makeup

1 make up fails

“Orange bronzer!!! Many people aren't able to gauge the correct bronzer / contour colour that complements their skin. They end up with a colour that's too orange, and isn’t always a pretty sight. Aim for a brown that's 2-3 shades darker than your own skin tone. Avoid orange at all costs!”

We are totally in love with the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact - Pink Quartz (Rs 3,330)

2. The silicon sponge - Makeovers by Anchal

2 make up fails

“According to me, the silicon sponge is the biggest makeup fail. It gained popularity because it doesn’t absorb even a bit of foundation and thus there was no product wastage. However, it doesn’t blend the base well and you cannot achieve a flawless look. There isn’t a point to it then.”

The Beauty Blender (Rs 1,899) is a must-have

3. Matching your eyeshadow colour to your outfit - Shruti Sharma Makeup

3 make up fails

a) “Trying to be someone else: Your make-up needs to be in sync with you and your personality. Blindly aping trends or not embracing your own style and skin colour could be disastrous.

b) Playing matchy matchy: Matching your eyeshadow colours with your outfit will overpower your face and features. And while we are on that topic, it's best to avoid multicoloured eyeshadows altogether.

c) Using too much highlighter: One needs to know where to stop! Too much highlighter can look very odd in pictures and even worse up front when chunky, glitter specs are visible on the skin.

d) Blush overload: A blush is supposed to be just that, a natural flush. Too much of it could be overkill, not to mention might give you a clown-ish vibe.”

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4. The double cut-crease eyes - Makeovers by Sonam Jayna

4 make up fails

“The biggest makeup fail currently is the double cut crease eyes. Somehow, most people don’t know the correct way of doing it and it turns out looking pretty garish. I personally feel that’s one trend best left untouched, until you have a pro doing it for you!”

Always use the Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer (Rs 1,950) for long-lasting eye makeup

5. Sharp cheekbone contouring - Pooja Sonik Hair And Makeup

5 make up fails

a) “Unblended sharp cheekbone contouring (read: drawing lines like Kim K) looks very unnatural.

b) Layering too many products on the face: Colour correction followed by full coverage foundation, then full coverage concealer followed by a compact to set and then cream contour followed by powder contour, and then use of too much highlighter. This will certainly lead to a very thick base, which will definitely look overdone.

c) Unnecessary colour correction even if your concealer and foundation can do the job.

d) Over highlighting the tip of the nose making it look unnatural and plasticky.”

If you want to give contouring a shot, buy the NYX Professional Makeup Love Contours All Palette (Rs 1,800)

6. Wrong shade of foundation - Sahibba K Anand

6 make up fails

“One of the biggest makeup fails is using the wrong shade of foundation. Even if someone wants to look tanned, contoured or lighter than their actual skin tone, it is really important to ensure that the foundation used doesn’t make you look grey or white. A lot of times girls do their make-up and it appears as if they are wearing a white mask! The other make-up fail according to me is false lashes. Don’t get me wrong, I totally love false lashes! But when lashes are placed at different angles and make one eye appear bigger or smaller than the other, it ends up looking not-too-great. Lashes ought to be stuck closest to the lash line to ensure the perfect eye shape.”

Go for the Lakme 9 To 5 Flawless Matte Complexion Foundation (Rs 403)

7. Going for both, bold eyes and bold lips - Makeup by Prerna Khullar

7 make up fails

“The biggest drawback in the Indian makeup industry according to me is the balancing of hues. I believe when one goes heavy on the eyes, the lips should be subtle, and with a brighter/darker lip, the eye makeup should be understated.”

For a bold lip, toss into your make-up bag the M.A.C Retro Matte Lipstick - Ruby Woo (Rs 1,500)

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