11 Long Tops You Can Also Wear As Dresses | POPxo

These 11 Tops Can Double Up As Trendy Dresses!

We all have our favourite double-duty pieces of clothing. Bandeau tanks as mini skirts, denim button-down shirts as jackets, ethnic skirts as lehengas...the list is endless! One such versatile wardrobe staple is the top that you can also wear as a dress. The trick? Just skip the pants! Check out Plixxo influencer Kritika Khurana sporting a teal kurti as a stylish standalone dress!

A word of caution: these tops/dresses can sometimes give a ‘something is missing’ vibe. Tackle that by balancing the look with the right shoes and accessories. Read on to find out how you can shop for one and wear as two, with these trendy tops that double up as dresses!

Published on Oct 12, 2017
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