Korean Foam Cleanser (Review) - Personal Experience & Product Review | POPxo

Korean Foam Cleanser (Review) - Personal Experience & Product Review | POPxo

As much as I adore make-up, I’m crazy about skincare products. I feel that skin demands the most attention and looking after it is essential. From creams to cleansers, you’ll find a variety of them stocked up in my bathroom cabinet. Living in a city like Bombay, you’re constantly exposed to dust and pollution every day. This itself can take a toll on your skin in the long run. Hence, it’s important to invest in a good cleanser so that your skin is kept moist, hydrated and squeaky clean at all times.

My current beauty obsession is to do with Korean cosmetics. I’m in love with the vibrant packaging and crisp description each of their products have to offer. I’ve usually ordered them from foreign websites, but little did I know that you get them here in India as well until one day…

A friend of mine asked me if I was interested in checking out one of his friend’s Korean skincare line. She shared her number with me and we instantly started chatting after. She has a cute website called Daisy Skinfix that sells only K-Beauty products that ships all over in India. From the entire range, the Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser (Rs 1,230) is my favourite!

I’ve been using this Korean foam cleanser for a week now and I can definitely see a change in my complexion. Just a tiny amount of product is enough to cleanse my face. I use it twice every day, once in the morning and once at night. Even though my skin is oily, this baby cleans my pores and moisturises my skin. Unlike most soaps and cleansers, the formula has been designed to perfectly clean and condition skin without causing it damage.

1 internal korean foam cleanser Daisy Skinfix

Sometime next week, I’m also going to try the Corex Holy Moly Snail Mask (Rs 200). I mean, Korean products never fail to surprise me. They work like magic on the skin and their unique choice of ingredients have always fascinated me. They layer your skin to perfection and if you were to ask me which is my go-to skincare product, I would tell you that I’m holding it in the picture below. *Wink*

2 internal korean foam cleanser Daisy Skinfix