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10 Comebacks To 'Are You A Virgin?' That Will Send Him Running Scared!

10 Comebacks To 'Are You A Virgin?' That Will Send Him Running Scared!

From aunties who want ‘pavitra brides’ for their sons to men you’re on a first date with, we’ve all, at some point in time, faced the ‘Are you a virgin?’ *question*. And if you think about it, it’s basically a social construct meant to shame sexually liberated (or not) women everywhere. Sex is a personal choice that needs to be respected and your virginity does not reflect your ‘character’, despite what society tells you! So, here are 11 kickass responses for men who ask you ‘So, you’re not a virgin?’ 

1. “So you’re definitely not smart enough to keep your mouth shut!”

Aah! Boys!

2. “Obviously not. I’m not Olive oil!”

Giggle at your own puns!

3. “If you want to make a sacrifice to The Devil, I’m really not your girl!”

No virgin sacrifices for you today, my friend!

3 not a virgin

4. “My answer may not change your opinion about me but your question has definitely changed mine!”

Bye bye, idiot guy!

5. “If I tell you, I’d have to kill you!”

Say it with the most serious face ever!

6. “Are you?”

If he says yes, then just say ‘good for you’ and walk away! If he says no, feel free to mock him for his double standards!

6 not a virgin

7. “How are you so comfortable asking me this?”

Where are your boundaries, you inappropriate person?

8. “Maybe not, but looks like you’ll be for the rest of your life.”

I’m going to warn all the women I know about you!

9. “Sorry, I did not understand. I don’t speak stupid!”

Need to leave now!

9 not a virgin

10. “Are you a unicorn? I thought I’d ask since we were talking about imaginary things!”

Since virginity is a social construct intended to name and shame women and not a scientifically-backed fact, it is the unicorn of the sex world!

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Published on Oct 29, 2017
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