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This ‘Kashi’ Wedding In Udaipur Is Something We Have NEVER Seen Before!

This ‘Kashi’ Wedding In Udaipur Is Something We Have NEVER Seen Before!

If you can’t go to a city, then you should bring the city to you. Sounds really far-fetched and vague, right? Only that It really isn’t! Nothing is impossible when you really wish for it. And Nikita and Chirag’s Kashi wedding in Udaipur is proof of that. The lovely couple recreated the holy city of Kashi and a Banaras ghat for their beautiful wedding in Udaipur. But before we shell out all the details about the magical celebrations, let’s start with the beautiful pictures of the sangeet first!

Remember we had earlier shared with you the pictures of Nikita and Chirag’s gorgeous Persian-themed mehendi ceremony? The one with quirky blue and pink decor and the cool oil drums as tables… Well, let’s just say that the sangeet was just as crazy.

The had funny and cute signboards for all the different activities. The level of creativity and quirk was so high, we can’t even…

1 kashi wedding posters

2 kashi wedding poster

The bride and groom-to-be were dressed amazingly too. Nikita wore a stunning shimmery golden princess gown while her hubby-to-be looked dapper in a classy white blazer.

3 kashi wedding coupke

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Mirrors were a major part of the decor for the night. The theme for the sangeet was ‘Chandni Raatein’ and it was just as dreamy as it sounds.

4 kashi wedding mirror decor

Special sheeshas from Persia and Egypt were brought in for the sangeet ceremony too, just like the mehendi.

5 kashi wedding sheesha poster

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In conclusion, it was a beautiful function. Let’s move on to the big day!

The Grand Wedding

If you are already mesmerized by the grandeur and elegance of the sangeet, you have no idea what awaits you. The Wedding Designers actually recreated the feel of the ghats of Banaras and the city of Kashi for the wedding.

6 kashi wedding decor

They even got in 40,000 litres of water which was used to create four water bodies inside the venue. The water was later returned to the lakes (how cool yet efficient!)

7 kashi wedding pandal

They also created an amphitheatre-style seating to give the feel of a ghat.

8 kashi wedding amphitheatre seating

Lots of candles, tuberoses and roses were used to give a golden illumination to the venue.

9 kashi wedding rose and candles

Aarti stands were put up to add to the Kashi feel. And the result of all this was gorgeous, as we can see.

10 kashi wedding aarti stand

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The bride and groom wore colour-coordinated golden outfits. While Nikita wore a very pretty lehenga with a yellow dupatta (what a unique choice!), Chirag wore a sherwani for the big day.

11 kashi wedding couple wedding

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We loved all the pretty details of the wedding and all the ceremonies leading up to it. We’d surely pick some creative decor ideas and themes from them, will you?