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Scared Of Braces Spoiling That Pretty Smile? We’ve Got Your Back!

Scared Of Braces Spoiling That Pretty Smile? We’ve Got Your Back!

In the words of  Phyllis Diller - “Your smile is a curve that sets everything straight”. And since it’s a curve that sets everything straight, you want to make sure that it’s flawless! The first thing anyone notices about you is your smile and needless to say, it is something that doubles up your confidence! While some people are born with perfectly aligned teeth, others have to struggle a little.

Straight teeth not only give you a flawless smile but also generally ensures better oral hygiene. Remember how our nani maa always talked about healthy looking gums? Healthy teeth also means healthy gums. In case the idea of misaligned teeth for you is just protruding teeth, we are here to tell you some things that no one will ever tell you! The gaps between your teeth, that one overlapping tooth and uneven teeth also cause hindrance to that beautiful smile. Panicking now, are you? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered!

1 invisible braces

Invisalign braces are the future of orthodontics and they’re here to give you a flawless smile without having to go through the pain of getting those metal braces as it is in most cases!

This cutting-edge technology uses a custom made series of clear, comfy, aligners that you can wear over your teeth. All you have to do is simply pop in a new set of aligners every two weeks (approximately) and your teeth will shift into place, over a period of time. While traditional braces have wires that can poke and irritate you, Invisalign aligners  are absolutely clear and are virtually invisible.

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While it’s a nightmare cleaning teeth with braces, Invisalign aligners are easily removable for effortless cleaning. Basically, you can eat anything you want without having to worry about food leftovers stuck in your teeth.

3 invisible braces

Not just that, some of your favorite celebrities have used Invisalign aligners to get that perfect picture ready smile. Need more reasons? Sure! These aligners can be removed without any trouble unlike the metal braces which are not just painful but cannot be removed until your dentist allows! With 4.7 million users, Invisalign system boasts of the world’s most advanced clear aligner orthodontic system. Make the call now!

You can now get a free smile assessment on the Invisalign website to gauge if you need the Invisalign treatment or not, before consulting your dentist. It can’t get any easier than this!

It’s your life and you deserve to have a chance to enjoy it without looking like a nerd. Look fabulous and break into laughter anytime you want without having the fear of being judged! So, ask out that cutie who might turn out to be your high school sweetheart ten years from now or go for that job interview without thinking too much about how you look because you sport the most beautiful smile. Chin up, beautiful <3

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