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If Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Was Made Today, THIS Would Happen!

If Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Was Made Today, THIS Would Happen!

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, a cult classic and KJo’s directorial debut, was released 19 years ago today. And while we’re all still in love with the movie and completely smitten by Rahul, Anjali (both of them), Tina and Aman, there are some things we disagree with. Have you ever imagined what things would be like if the movie was made in 2017 - an era of feminism? Fret not, we’re here with answers to questions you’ve always wanted. So here is what KKHH would be like if it was made in the present day scenario!

1. Rahul and Anjali’s friendship would be built on solid foundation of tagging each other in lame memes.

Lulz, memes for days!

1 kuch kuch hota hai

2. Rahul wouldn’t have handed out friendship bands but sent Whatsapp broadcast messages to all the girls he was dating.

Technology changes with time, not characters!

3. Anjali, and everyone around her, would have smacked Rahul for saying things like “Girls can’t play basketball.”

And he would have deserved it.

4. Tina would have told her father, Principal Malhotra, off for not letting her, or other girls, wear short skirts because of fear of objectification.


4 kuch kuch hota hai

5. Also, she never would have come back to India to complete her studies.

I mean let’s be realistic, she was studying in London. But sanskars!

6. Rahul wouldn’t have to hide the fact that he goes to the temple because everyone would be less judgemental.

You do you, Rahul!

7. The feminists in the girls hostel would have flipped at Rifat Bi for trying to teach them how to be ‘girly’.

Excuse me! Predefined gender roles? Really!? *major eye roll*

7 kuch kuch hota hai

8. Rahul and Anjali wouldn’t have gotten married because they would be busy DTR-ing!

FYI, DTR = Define The Relationship. Anyway, who gets married at 20? #CommitmentIssues

9. Rahul would know exactly where Anjali lives thanks to her multiple Facebook check-ins!

Stalker mode on!

10. Little Anjali would be leaving Whatsapp voice notes to tell her Dad she’s off to summer camp…

Phone calls are so 2010!

10 kuch kuch hota hai

11. …and her dad would track her using the ‘Find My iPhone’ App!

Technology FTW!

12. Tina wouldn’t have left letters but created an email account for her daughter to read all the pre-written mails!

Handwritten letters? What? Also, thank you mumma for the best email ID ever!

13. Aman would have known about Rahul and Anjali’s special friendship from all the throwbacks she would post.

And questioned her incessantly about it!

13 kuch kuch hota hai

14. Anjali (and Aman) would compulsively stalk Rahul on Instagram and know who his daughter is!

Only to later pretend to know nothing about him!

15. Like any other millennial boyfriend, Aman wouldn’t land up at the summer camp to surprise his fiance but simply FaceTime-d her from the comfort of his room!

Comfort before love!

16. Aman wouldn’t say “Meri Anjali tumhari Anjali se zyada khoobsurat hai” but just simply show Rahul a picture of ‘his’ Anjali.

And put an end to all the following melodrama.

16 kuch kuch hota hai

17. Anjali, thanks to a little maturity and sense, would choose Aman the good guy instead of Rahul, the fuckboy from hell!

Isn’t that the ending we all wanted?

But in the end, we still believe, pyaar dosti hai!

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