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6 Ways To Make Your Wedding Reception SO MUCH More Than A Cliche Gathering!

Kaveri Waghela

Junior Wedding Editor

While traditional ‘meet & greet’ arrangements for a wedding reception have a charm of their own, we suggest you take it up a notch by incorporating your unique tastes and quirks into your wedding reception party. Think quirky cocktail bars and even crazier send-off surprises, here are 7 creative ways in which you can make your wedding reception a joyous affair to remember!  

1. Add A Personal Touch To The Decor


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Florals and foliage for the reception is quite passe! Whether you want to incorporate a Bollywood themed decor or include a nightclub type setting at your reception party, make sure it reflects your personal style as a couple. You could even do it up with pictures of your proposal or love quotes that are close to you both. A chalkboard with your special dates marked out works great as a photobooth backdrop! To see 7 super cute ways to add a personal touch to your wedding decor, click here.

2. Have A Quirky Food And Bar Setup


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What is a reception without some yummy food and cocktails? Instead of having a longish buffet setting, we suggest you try creative food trucks and live stations. Get a quirky bar setup that serves cocktails themed. Don’t forget to customize a menu with a bride & groom favorites.

Get a know how about cocktail and concoctions through this amazing book on cocktails available on Amazon for Rs 596.

3. Organize A Sit-Down Dinner


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A western concept that is slowly making it’s way to Indian weddings too! Instead of a buffet or a round table set-up, have an intimate sit-down dinner. It’s a great way to personally chat with your guests and thank them. Plus, you can also do the whole ‘thank you’ speech thing! Read how to organize the perfect sit-down dinner here.

4. Organize Some Interactive Games

Cut short on your ‘raising the toast’ moments with some fun and games instead. Games such as dumb charades and I Spy are really popular and will keep your guests involved in the reception party as opposed to being silent spectators. You can even have a cousin of yours conducting some fun interactive games or the good old ‘how well do you know your partner’ session with you and your hubby.

Get a mini chalkboard to keep all the team scores in place. This cute one is available on Amazon for Rs 1,260.

5. Share It Live!

What can be better than your guests sharing your wedding behind-the-scenes and fun moments through live updates on their social media feeds? We suggest you get a special hashtag made which guests can use throughout your wedding festivities. We are sure, it would make for a great compilation of candid memories.

6.Send-Off Surprises!

Make your guests feel extra special by sending them off with a special surprise. And no, we are not only talking about wedding favours here. End the night with either a flash mob, or a blast of colour bombs. You could even have them leave red carpet style with a team of photographers taking their exclusive bytes!

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Published on Oct 11, 2017
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