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6 Ways To Make Your Wedding Reception SO MUCH More Than A Cliché Gathering

6 Ways To Make Your Wedding Reception SO MUCH More Than A Cliché Gathering

While traditional ‘meet & greet’ arrangements for a wedding reception have a charm of their own, we suggest you take it up a notch by incorporating your unique tastes and quirks into your wedding reception party. Think quirky cocktail bars and even crazier send-off surprises, here are 6 creative ways in which you can make your wedding reception a joyous affair to remember!    

Wedding Reception Idea 1: Add A Personal Touch To The Decor


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Florals and foliage for the reception decor is quite passe! Whether you want to incorporate a Bollywood themed reception decor or include a nightclub type setting at your reception party, make sure it reflects your personal style as a couple. You could even do it up with pictures of your proposal or love quotes that are close to you both. A chalkboard with your special dates marked out works great as a photobooth backdrop!

Wedding Reception Idea 2: Have A Quirky Food And Bar Setup

What is a wedding reception without some yummy food and cocktails? Instead of having a longish buffet setting, we suggest you try creative food trucks and live stations. Get a quirky bar setup at the reception décor that serves cocktails themed. Don’t forget to customize a menu with some bride & groom favorites.

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Wedding Reception Idea 3: Organize A Sit-Down Dinner


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A western concept that is slowly making its way to Indian wedding reception décor too! Instead of a buffet or a round table set-up, have an intimate sit-down dinner. It’s a great way to personally chat with your guests and thank them. Plus, you can also do the whole ‘thank you’ speech thing!

Wedding Reception Idea 4: Organize Some Interactive Games

Cut short on your ‘raising the toast’ moments with some fun and games instead. Games such as dumb charades and I Spy are really popular at most reception party and will keep your guests involved in the wedding reception as opposed to being silent spectators. You can even have a cousin of yours conducting some fun interactive games or the good old ‘how well do you know your partner’ session with you and your hubby.

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Wedding Reception Idea 5: Share It Live!

What can be better than your guests sharing your wedding reception behind-the-scenes and fun moments through live updates on their social media feeds? We suggest you get a special hashtag made which guests can use throughout your wedding festivities. We are sure, it would make for a great compilation of candid memories.

Wedding Reception Idea 6:Send-Off Surprises!

Make your guests feel extra special by sending them off with a special surprise. And no, we are not only talking about wedding favors here. End the reception party night with either a flash mob, or a blast of color bombs. You could even have them leave red carpet style with a team of photographers taking their exclusive bytes!

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