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7 *Stylish* Ways To Keep Warm & Look Like A Bomb This Shaadi Season!

7 *Stylish* Ways To Keep Warm & Look Like A Bomb This Shaadi Season!

Dressing up for a winter wedding can be quite tricky. You want to look all glam and gorgeous and wearing a heavy sweater over your designer lehenga just doesn’t sound like a great plan. So to get you out of the dressing up dilemma, we have come up with these 7 awesome ways that will keep you warm without you having to compromise on the style quotient. And no, you won’t have to cover yourself in layers of clothing either!

1. Velvet Surprise

Velvet is the fabric long favoured by royalty. And rightly so, it not only looks great but the heavy fabric also keeps you warm. You could mix and match a velvet lehenga with a raw silk blouse or just get a velvet dupatta with your suit. Drape it from the front and it’ll keep you warm all through the night.

2. Layer It Up


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No, we are not talking about adding layers of clothing that can dull the shine of your shaadi outfit. Instead, you can smartly pair it with a cape or even a heavy jacket to add a heady dose of glamour to your outfit. Not only does layering look super stylish, the extra layers keep you warm too! .

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3. Full Sleeves Everything


This kind of is a no brainer, but you could really save up on all your sleeveless and backless cholis for summer weddings. Opt for comfortable long sleeves instead that will successfully take the chill away. For a family wedding, you could opt for heavily embroidered sleeves or else 3/4th is a great alternative too.

4. Fusion Drama


If you are one of those who wouldn’t mind mixing and matching a traditional attire with a dash of casual wear, then this would be wonderful. You could wear a shirt as a blouse over your saree or lehenga, that we are sure will keep you snug and uber stylish! For a super chilly evening, opt for a fitted polo neck sweater that’ll look super chic and edgy.

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5. Pocket Delight

Don’t we girls love it when our skirts or even kurtas have pockets! Even though pockets in lehengas or even kurtis is bit of a rarity, it can serve as a great hand warmer. We suggest you opt for lehengas or even kurtis with attached pockets, the next time you attend a winter wedding. It will definitely save you from a little bit of the chill!

6. Thermals & Stoles

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Yes, you read it right. Wearing thermals under your your traditional attire can be a great idea, specially if you have a wedding to attend in North India. But make sure you choose the right fit and a colour that is closest to your skintone. Also, do carry a beautiful printed stole handy, just in case it gets too cold!

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7. Step Up In Style


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We know that you probably would love to wear your heels over flat sandals with your lehenga, but we guess, you could save them for later. There is nothing more important than staying comfortable and enjoying each minute of the shaadi. And the last thing you want is to develop cold feet! (Quite literally!). Take our advice and go for closed toe sandals or better still, juttis. You won’t regret the decision, promise!