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11 Amazing Tips To Help You Find That *Dream* Bridal Lehenga!

11 Amazing Tips To Help You Find That *Dream* Bridal Lehenga!

Some of us have been imagining our dream lehengas long before marriage was even on the horizon. Wait, make that most of us!

But now that you are engaged (congrats, girl) and can officially kickoff the search for that perfect lehenga, we suggest you go with a strategy. Yup, you need a checklist when it comes to shopping for your wedding lehenga so do keep the following points in mind. It won’t be long before you find ‘the one’. Wheeee, way-too-exciting!

1. Start early

Even if you feel like the wedding is many months away, don’t leave this task for later. Some brides don’t find ‘the one’ for a long, long time. Besides, if you’re getting it custom-made, the making itself will take months.

1 wedding lehenga

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2. Do your research

Look online – the world is your oyster! Start saving images of the ones you like. Do notice if you are veering towards a particular colour or trend. Look up designers, online portals, get onto Instagram and don’t forget to create a pin board.

3. Give it a lot of thought

This is going to be a big expense; and a decision you’ll have to live with forever. So do give it enough thought. Is your personal style more bohemian or more classic? Would you prefer something light? Do you like the thought of showing some skin? You know, just general questions that’ll help narrow down your search.

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4. Keep the weather in mind

Even if you have given your heart to a certain style, do think about where and when your wedding is scheduled for. What’ll work for the weather at that time? If you’re having a beach wedding, you’d rather go for a lighter fabric, na? Whereas, a winter wedding calls for velvets and deep hues.

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5. Don’t be afraid to experiment

If you start well in time, then you must browse ‘em lehengas with an open mind. Sometimes, we look at something and immediately decide that we don’t like it whereas it could, in fact, look great on us. You wouldn’t want to be missing out on a stellar lehenga just because you dismissed it at first glance.

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6. Restrict the number of people you go shopping with

We know this one is tough because EVERYONE is wayyy too excited about your wedding. But don’t invite people to tag along just to be polite. Please remember - more people, more opinions. You need to do this with a calm mind without being rushed or forced.

7. Don’t get frustrated

Sometimes finding your dream lehenga – that is, one that you love and is within your budget can be a task. But don’t give up hope. Everyone finds the outfit meant for them eventually. Keep the search going and swallow your positivity pills!

7 wedding lehenga - brave

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8. Check out exhibitions

Even though every city has it’s tried and tested designers/retail stores, sometimes exhibitions are a great place to scour some unique finds. New labels, budding designers and high-end designers showcase at bridal exhibitions, so make sure you don’t miss out on those.

9. Don’t be afraid to ask for customization

If you have really liked a lehenga at a store but aren’t in love with the colour, don’t just dismiss it. Ask the store if they are willing to customize it for you. It’s not uncommon and there’s a big chance they do have it in another colour or can make it for you. Be it a border you dislike or the work on the dupatta, you can always get it customized.

9 wedding lehenga - little biy great idea

10. Style it on your mind

While shopping for your lehenga, think about the jewellery. If you already have the wedding jewellery picked out (or perhaps you are wearing family heritage jewellery), think about whether it will match. Think about the shoes you’ll wear. And most importantly, think about how many dupattas you want. If you’re going with two dupattas, you’ll have to place an order for the second one while you purchase the lehenga.

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11. Lastly, don’t be impulsive.

We can’t stress the importance of this. You need to really sleep on it while deciding on your bridal lehenga. You don’t want to pick up something you just mildly like. You also don’t want to shop in a hurry because everyone is pressurizing you. Just be calm, and shop with a clear head. We are sure you’ll find ‘the one’ and boy it’ll be worth the effort.

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