Beauty Calendar: How Often Should You Really Be Getting These Beauty Treatments Done?

Beauty Calendar: How Often Should You Really Be Getting These Beauty Treatments Done?

Alright my beauty loving ladies, it’s not always easy to keep track of the timelines when it comes to your beauty treatments, especially when you’re super busy. We’ve got you covered; this list covers the most common and essential beauty treatments and we’re telling you exactly how often you need to get them.

1. Facials

1 beauty treatments forrest essentials

If you’re new to facials, and are wondering how many times you need to get one, then we have a simple solution. Depending on your skin it isn’t necessary to get a facial once a month as is popularly believed. We prefer adjusting the frequency according to the seasons. Ever notice how your skin reacts differently in monsoon as compared to winter? It’s for this reason we suggest scheduling facial appointments according to the seasons, which means about 3 to 4 times a year. In between months stock up on a good masque that you can use weekly, to keep skin refreshed.

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2. Eyebrow threading

2 beauty treatments panache

Well if you’d like to rock the unibrow or full brow look, we are all of it. But if you are used to getting your brows done on the reg, ideally you should be scheduling appointments every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on your shape and hair growth. You can also tweeze any extra hair at home in between appointments if you think they are looking too unruly.

Panache Turquoise Blue Compact Mirror & Tweezer Face Care Combo (Rs 314), can help you groom on the go.

3. Pedicures

3 beauty treatments aroma foot cream

A pedicure is like a mini vacation, even though you’re sitting in a crowded salon and have errands to run afterwards. We suggest getting that good feeling once a month because we’re constantly on our feet and they do need some TLC. Also, take extra care of them every week with a good foot cream, to avoid any unsightly cracks and dry skin.

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4. Manicures

4 beauty treatments vaadi

You either love manicures or you don’t, some women schedule one every 2 weeks or so, and some once every couple of months. It is really by preference, but we suggest once a month. It’s important to look after your cuticles and nails, because we do EVERYTHING with our hands. Plus, that one hour where you don’t look at your phones is a refreshing break. Using a good hand cream and cuticle oil is also essential if you really don’t have the time to go for regular manicures. Make sure you use them weekly or more depending on your skin type.

Vaadi Herbal Nail & Cuticle Oil with Jojoba Oil (Rs 50), will totally save your cuticles in between appointments.

5. Colour your hair

5 beauty treatments yves rocher

This one is a bit complicated to pin down as there are so many variables from what colour you’re getting to what texture of hair you have. It’s best to have a conversation with your stylist before you get your colour of choice and find out just what is the process after you get it coloured. If you need a rough timeline though, we’d say around 4 to 6 months is when you can go in for another treatment. Remember to use shampoos that have a colour protect formula to make your colour last as long as possible!

Make your colour last longer with Yves Rocher Colour Protection & Radiance Shampoo (Rs 550)

6. Hair cut

6 beauty treatments loreal

This term for some of us sounds like an extreme move but it is essential to maintain hair health. As soon as you start to see split ends, is when you need to make an appointment. This varies from person to person, it can be anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks or sooner depending on hair type. If you have a short haircut, then you’ll require to give it a little more attention, unless you intend on growing the look out. 4 to 6 weeks is a good time frame for when you should get your short hair attended to, to maintain that look. Remember to keep pampering your hair with a daily leave-in conditioner or serum, so that it looks healthy no matter what!

Keep it smooth and manageable with L'Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing Serum (Rs 225)

7. Waxing

7 beauty treatments vaseline

This one is really up to you and depends on your hair growth. In the summer, we suggest you book an appointment once a month to rock those shorts. During the Winter though you can ease it up a bit. The important thing to remember is to moisturise your skin and keep it hydrated and supple as hair removal does cause skin to get irritated.

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