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Here’s Why You Absolutely NEED Vitamin C In Your Beauty Routine

Vitamin C is a powerhouse ingredient and if it's not already part of your daily routine, you need to make some changes right away! The difference Vitamin C can make to your routine is often understated and underrated.

Vitamin C Internal

Vitamin C and Health

Vitamin C improves your heart health, regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels. A mood-booster by nature, it also boosts immunity, helps treat allergies. PS: it also helps in weight loss amongst many other health benefits.

Vitamin C and Skin

Vitamin C helps deal with our most common concerns. It evens out your skin tone, improves hydration, makes your skin look younger. Used in most potent serums, Vit C helps fades scars and blemishes.

It is important that you include Vitamin C rich foods in your diet, and add in a vitamin C supplement to ensure you reap maximum benefits from this superfood.

Here are some game changing products containing Vitamin C that deserve your attention, and money!

All these products are safe to be used both during the day and night, but don’t forget to apply a good SPF.  

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Published on Oct 8, 2017
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