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9 Style Secrets We Should Steal From The French

9 Style Secrets We Should Steal From The French

French ladies, with their individual style and distinctive looks, have created a league of their own! They are bold and courageous while being bashful, sombre and silken. How do they do that?

Keeping that in mind, for this list today we have narrowed down some of the top tips you can borrow from the French to add to your own personal style statement. These sneaky little details will get you right on track to achieve an appeal, that solely belongs to you. From sleek pantsuits to androgynous looks, we have the lowdown right here!

1. A Penchant For Random

The French-American model and actress Camille Rowe- Bel describes her closet as a mix of preppy and bohemian. Her style is filled with the same touches of randomness that she absolutely adores!

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2. The Touch Of Androgyny

French IT girl Clemence Poesy is notorious for her androgynous twists! Why does she do it? Because it looks so damn cool! Adding elements like oversized sweaters, boxy jackets, crisp button straight line button downs will ensure you nail the style!

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3. A Loud Sexuality

If French films are any indication, the people there love to express their uninhibited sexuality. Fashion thus becomes one of the outlets for the same and the ladies are especially a fan of fitted and flattering silhouettes, that are snug on their figures. So go ahead and dare to wear your sexiest outfit!

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4. Unique Personalised Looks


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A big part of their personal identity is the way they choose to dress. Fashion royalty Lola Rykiel considers it ridiculous to be dressed in latest trends or outfits put together by someone else! The result, a plethora of unique personalised looks tailored to one’s personality!

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5. Gotta Love That Beret


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Talking about French fashion warrants a mention of this popular accessory! The pole bearer of traditional French styling, the beret will get you to fit in with the Parisian look with no sweat! How about reserve a slot on your next boozy brunch?

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6. Their Love For Horizontal Stripes

The horizontal stripes, or the ‘Breton’, is a wardrobe staple. Traditionally in navy and white, the look has been adapted in various forms and colours. And why not, considering the fact that horizontal stripes make you look leaner and add height to your frame!

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7. Neutral Palettes

Regardless of age, French women prefer to dress in grown-up neutral palettes in their everyday lives. This, with sporadic dashes of colour in the form of accessories, is what makes the look ‘oh so French’! Incorporate these tonal changes in your wardrobe and watch the compliments flow!

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8. Smoke Suits


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Fashion powerhouse, Yves Saint Laurent put a woman in a suit in 1966, a time when such a thing was unheard of! It was a tuxedo style pantsuit called ‘Le Smoking’ - it burst of sex appeal never witnessed before. Since then you would find French women skipping the gown for a sleek number, like the one donned by Lou Doillon.

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9. Statement Shoes

Do we really need to call on this? Statement shoes can elevate your basic outfits, be a conversation-starter and pump you full of happy hormones, because hey, shoes! Adding gladiator sandals, embellished heels, tie up stilettos to your wardrobe will make sure you always step out in style!

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