4 Flat Shoes That Are SO Bad For Your Feet

4 Flat Shoes That Are SO Bad For Your Feet

Flat shoes are supposed to be the preferred form of footwear. While, stilettos are infamous for causing all sorts of knee and joint ailments, but did you know that flat shoes aren't exactly a vacation for your feet either? In fact, some of the flattest soled-shoes like ballet flats are really bad for your feet! Of course, the ideal shoe depends on the shape of your feet, but there are a few guidelines that apply to everyone. Read on to know more about shoes that are bad for your feet, even if you thought otherwise.

Flat Shoes That Are Bad For Your Feet

1. Flip-Flops

1 shoes that are bad for your feet

Yes, your go-to summer footwear is actually really bad for your feet’s health and you should avoid them. Most flip-flops lack arch support and rely on a very flimsy piece of rubber for support. Not just that, your toe curls up with every step you take. Constant pressure on the toes can lead to hammertoes, in such a situation. So avoid those generic flat flip-flops and choose footwear that provides more support to your feet.

Choose these strappy flats (Rs 909) instead of flip-flops for healthy feet!

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2. Ballet Flats

2 shoes that are bad for your feet

Ballet flats are especially bad for people with flat feet. These flat shoes offer no shock absorption or arch support for both, the walls and the heels of your feet and you should totally avoid them. Which is exactly why people with flat feet risk getting stress fractures and neuromas by wearing ballet flats. In case of the pointed ballet flats, the bones rub together. Why would you ever do that to your feet?

3. Sneakers

3 shoes that are bad for your feet

You must be wondering how sneakers can be ‘bad’, right? But here’s the thing, sneakers that aren’t particularly meant for athletic purposes but are marketed for the same, should never be bought with an intent to wear and workout in. Such sneakers are usually too comfortable to be true and provide very little support to your ankles and should be avoided for flat feet. Long durations of walks and running in such sneakers can lead to sprains and serious foot injuries.

If you’re looking for running shoes, get these grey ones from HRX (Rs 1,499).

4. Mules

4 shoes that are bad for your feet

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We’re sure you’re as surprised about this one as we are. Mules are ‘apparently’ the comfiest flat shoes out there at the moment. But the lack of ankle support makes them just as bad as any of the flat shoes to avoid. And when these shoes come with heels, it’s even worse for your feet. The fact that you have to curl your toes to put your foot down, makes your feet susceptible to hammertoes, sprains and bunions. Looks like that’s a good enough reason not to give in to this flat shoe trend!

Parting Thoughts

So surprise surprise, flat shoes can also be bad for your feet, not just stilettos and pencil heels. Always go for shoes that have a good arch, ankle, and toe support; plus a comfortable fit and good quality make. Whether your shoes are flat or heeled, remember to never, ever skimp on quality footwear.