9 Fashion Struggles That Are Too True For Every Tall Girl

9 Fashion Struggles That Are Too True For Every Tall Girl

If you’re anywhere over 5’7”, there are chances you have a love hate relationship with your height. Your friends might say “I wish I was as tall as you’ or ‘you don’t even need to wear heels’, but you and only you know the real struggles you face when it comes to fashion! If you’ve ever towered over your boyfriend or had to grab some stuff from a really high shelf for your short friend, you’ll totally get these 9 fashion struggles of a tall girl!

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1. Good shoes in your size? LOL.

Of course, you do find shoes in your size, just not the ones you’d want to buy!

1 fashion struggles of a tall girl

2. Finding a maxi dress that actually fits like a maxi dress is quite tough!

Maxi dresses are basically ankle swingers for you. Anything that should just be gracefully sweeping the floor, ends at an awkward length right above your ankle. As if you grew out of it. We get it ladies, the struggle is real.  

This high-low maxi dress (Rs 1,097) won’t look odd at all!

3. And short dresses and skirt cut off at an extremely awkward length

Making you (and other people) wonder if you’re actually wearing just a shirt.

3 fashion struggles of a tall girl

4. You’re stuck with flats for life!  

As much as you love wearing heels, you don’t want to tower over your friends or your boyfriend.

These nude pumps with kitten heels (Rs 2,933) will ensure you don’t tower over people.

5. You can’t share your clothes with your shorter friends

Sharing clothes with your friends is so much fun. But in your case it either makes you feel like a giant or your friend is floating in your clothes!

5 fashion struggles of a tall girl

6. High-waisted shorts and playsuits give you a wedgie

High-waisted shorts and playsuits aren’t really your best friends. Unless you want to spend most of your time trying to adjust your underwear…

These not-so-short cami shorts (Rs 1,549) won’t give you that ugly wedgie.

7. Ripped knee jeans never look the way you expect them to

Yep, because the rips are somewhere on your thigh and it looks more like an accident than a trend.

7 fashion struggles of a tall girl

8. “But you don’t even need to wear heels” - you get this a LOT!

Height has nothing to do with wearing heels, ladies! Just because you’re tall doesn’t mean you don’t have to wear heels. You can and must wear whatever you like! Plus, a good pair of stilettos can make any outfit stand out. So, why not?

What do you think about these hot pink stilettos (Rs 3,290)

9. You’re yet to get a picture clicked that shows off your full outfit

Just like the ideal man, a picture that reveals your full outfit doesn’t exist. Blame it on the camera or on your shorter friends who make it impossible for your outfit to be seen!

9 fashion struggles of a tall girl

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