Washing Your Hair Too Much Or Too Little And More Reasons Why Your Hair Is Getting Oily SO Quickly!

Washing Your Hair Too Much Or Too Little And More Reasons Why Your Hair Is Getting Oily SO Quickly!

If you’re dealing with oily hair almost every day, we know your plight. It basically means that you’re having a flat hair day every day  and you’re probably using dry shampoo by the dozen! More often than not, we are to blame for our oily tresses. Here are 7 everyday habits that lead to oily hair quicker that you can imagine. Time to take matters in your own hands and rock that lustrous, bouncy mane!

1. Washing it too often

We know you probably do this as part of an effort to keep it looking clean and oil-free at all times, but washing your hair daily, strips it of its natural oils, basically drying it out. The oil glands, in turn, go in overdrive and produce more oil to reverse that. Keep your hair washing limited to every other day (if you just have to) and you should be fine.

Use a mild shampoo like Aloe Veda Hair Therapy Mild Restoring Shampoo Sulphate Free (Rs 221)

2. Not washing it enough

2 oily hair

Being a tad bit lazy about washing your hair when it is really needed also makes the hair all the more oily. The oil build up can also clog pores and lead to further hair damage and more sebum production. See for yourself how often your hair needs a wash, and make sure you follow that.

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3. Touching it all the time

Yes, we know, keeping your hair in place all day requires you to keep touching it and running your fingers through it. The oil and germs from your hands transfer onto your mane, making it greasy and dirty. Your finger touching your scalp time and again also leads to the activation of the sebaceous glands and that won’t work well for you, ladies.

Use a good hand sanitizer like the Kaya Hand Sanitizer (Rs 52) to keep you hands clean at all times

4. Using a dirty hairbrush (and we’re all guilty of that!)

4 oily hair

So, here’s the ground rule - wash your hair brush with shampoo at least once a week. You don’t want the dirty, greasy hair brush to make your clean hair appear oily and unwashed.

The Vega Wooden Paddle Brush (Rs 375) is easy on the hair

5. Too much conditioner

Conditioner is used to hydrate the hair, and so, it’s contents are primarily creams and oils that moisturize it. Therefore, using too much conditioner leads to oily hair quicker than you can imagine. Use it wisely depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

The BBLUNT Intense Moisture Conditioner, For Seriously Dry Hair (Rs 340) hydrates the hair properly

6. Product build-up

6 oily hair

Hairsprays, leave-in conditioners, post-wash oils - we use it all to ensure we have a glossy and gorgeous mane at all times. However, this product build-up can lead to clogging of pores, followed by excess production of sebum. Use these only on occasion, ladies, and your hair will thank you for that.

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7. Hot water showers

The scalp gets dried up once you wash your hair with hot water. This will lead to your oil glands going in overdrive to compensate for the dried scalp. Wash your hair with cold water, or lukewarm water at best.

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