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7 Embarrassing Things That Can Happen While Making Out With Bae

7 Embarrassing Things That Can Happen While Making Out With Bae

Can I just say go out on a limb and say that RomComs have failed us? We all love that moment when the two main characters lean into each other and share a perfect kiss. It looks magical, breathtaking (literally) and SO effortless. But for me or for my girlfriends that has never translated into reality. Our first kisses have just been embarrassing and sloppy. Over the years, I have realized kissing is an art. Like every art improves with practice, kissing does too (woohoo). But no matter how great a kisser you are, there are still a lot of things that can be absolutely embarrassing about making out with your partner. We have listed 7 of these down so that you can avoid these at all costs and be one hell of a kisser you were always meant to be.

1.Too much saliva

Sloppy kisses are not hot at all. A little bit of saliva is absolutely normal but too much of it will not do you any good. It might sound a bit weird but you must swallow your saliva before making out. It’s completely normal and the first sign of a thoughtful and mature kisser.

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2. Lick his teeth

French kisses are what dreams are made of especially when they are packed with passion and a lot of love. While we don’t mind the overdose of love, passion can involve licking your bae’s teeth sometimes. This is one thing you have to avoid at all costs because this is a major turn off. Spare the teeth and lick your bae’s lips in a subtle way to create the most impact.

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3.The on-looking

We ladies love a little staring and eye contact while we try to spice things up but please not while making out. Kisses are best enjoyed with your eyes closed. It’s so awkward if you are looking at your bae dead in the eye. Keep your eyes closed as you lean in for that perfect smooch.

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4. Bad breath

Your bae doesn’t need to know what you ate for lunch. Keep some mints handy and pop one gum prior to your makeout sesh. The cool breath of mint feels good, tastes good and doesn’t put off your bae in the slightest.

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5. Not using your tongue

Tongue action is the deal breaker in French kisses.  Please, ladies, don’t just suck your tongue in your bae’s mouth and do absolutely nothing. Don’t let it just sit there - leaving him completely clueless as to what he should do. Plus it makes him feel he hasn’t turned you on and that’s the last thought a guy should be having. So use your tongue without feeling shy - it will elevate your kiss to a whole new level of intimacy.

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6. Sucking the face

Nobody wants their face covered in saliva. When kissing the love of your life, stick to his lips. They are the most integral part in your kiss. To keep it sexy, don’t kiss or bite their nose or cheeks. However, the ear and neck is a territory you should try and explore.

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7. Burping or coughing

Letting out a cough or burp while making out with your bae is quite embarrassing. To avoid such an awkward situation stay away from carbonated drinks or fatty foods if you know you will be kissing your bae later.

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Ladies, all of these embarrassing things are easily avoidable. Just be prepared and you and your bae will be thanking us later!

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