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7 Creative DIY Ideas To Give Your Small Room A BIG Makeover

7 Creative DIY Ideas To Give Your Small Room A BIG Makeover

Living in metro cities comes with its own constraints; the biggest of them being space. If you have a small room that doesn’t accommodate your dream decor plans, don’t worry! By just following some amazing DIYs on YouTube, you can turn your small room into the stuff of dreams. Here are 7 life-changing DIY hacks to make your room look bigger, better and badass! Read on…

1. A DIY chalkboard!

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This one is really easy and quick and requires minimum effort. But, we bet it will make your room instantly more attractive. Get your old, rusty frames out and do something creative with them right away! It will instantly remind you of your childhood, too.

Don’t wait, just buy that can of spray paint (Rs 193) already and give your room an instant makeover!

2. Refresh your plastic bottles into DIY hanging lamps

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This one is the perfect example of making the best out of waste. A side lamp or night lamp occupies quite a lot of space in your room, you can easily cut down on this space by making your own hanging lamp in a few easy steps. All you need are some empty soft drink bottles, a few metres of nylon thread, glue, holders, and bulbs.

Buy yourself the much-needed fairy lights (Rs 199) to bring in the vibe in these lampshades!

3. A DIY Ottoman Stool

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The biggest problem with small rooms is seating and storage space! Neither can you accommodate everyone on your teeny-weeny bed; nor can you stuff everything in your cupboard. The answer to both these problems is an ottoman stool that you can make using some old paint buckets and the good old jute rope. Just follow these simple steps and your room will soon have some cute seating arrangements with secret storage space for dirty laundry, socks, shoes and even books.

Get hold of that old bucket and some rope (Rs 199) and fevicol before you get started!

4. Clean it up with a DIY laundry bag!

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Smaller rooms come with smaller bathrooms which means there is hardly any space for a laundry basket. But that does not mean all your dirty clothes should be scattered all over the room. You can make your own DIY laundry bag using a pillow cover and embroidery frame. You can hang it at the back of the bathroom door and you are sorted.

5. DIY Invisible Book Shelf

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If you’re a bookworm, you must be longing for your personal library. Well, making one is not that difficult! With this cool DIY invisible bookshelf, you can stack all your favourite books at different places in the room, magically hanging on the wall, or in the air, without taking up any actual space in the room.

All you need is an angle bracket (Rs 360)  that you can screw on to the wall and you’re ready to get, set, makeover!

6. DIY Wall decor

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Just like vertically striped outfits give us an illusion of a taller body, the same rule applies to a small room, as well. Just paint some neat and symmetrical stripes on one of the walls, or any two walls and see how your room instantly feels larger.

7. A DIY cardboard storage shelf

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We hope you haven't thrown away the cardboard packing boxes which you used to move in all your stuff (not to mention, a few of those online binge-shopping ones, as well). These are going to make for some really amazing and cute storage space in your room; making it look clutter-free, without occupying much space. Make sure not to overload it because it is cardboard, after all and may not hold too well under pressure.  

Get yourself some glazed paper (Rs 249) right away and get creative!

P.S.: Tell us how many you’ve tried; or if you’ve tried anything different, feel free to share it with us.

Published on Oct 23, 2017
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