7 Smart DIY Ideas That Will Make Your Room Look Amazing!

7 Smart DIY Ideas That Will Make Your Room Look Amazing!

We all want to retreat to a space that reflects our style, well, because...good dreams! While traditional ways of revamping your room are too mainstream, we have a list of cutting edge DIY ideas that will make your room look as cool as you totally are!

1. DIY pin it all board

Do you have those moments when you forget important things or lose your bills? It’s always good to have a list of things ready for the day just to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. A cute little soft board will help you remember them. Pin your daily essentials list and never have those “oh damn” moments! You can also decorate your board with pretty fairy lights.

2. Light it up with fairy lights

Fairy lights make everything look pretty. From a tree to a mirror on the wall, everything just looks instagram worthy when there are fairy lights involved. You can either pin them on the wall or just randomly hang them around.

2 DIY ideas for your room

3. Paint ‘em hands!

Get messy with some simple DIY with your bestie or boyfriend with ammeture painting tricks. Just dip your palm in paint and print them on one wall. Use different colours to give a great effect. It will not only a fun activity but will also make your room look amazing!

4. Or if you’re too lazy

Do you fall under the super-lazy category? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Asian Paints has a concept where they give total control of decor in the consumer's hand! Go crazy and wild with your imagination and make your room an extension of yourself! Awesome isn’t it?

4 DIY ideas for your room

5. Picture perfect memories

Pictures are a great way to personalise your space. Just print out pretty pictures and hang them on a string from one end to the other right above your bed. Add fairy lights for a more cosy vibe.

6. Mason jars and all that jazz

Have a thing for mason jars? Get some mason jars and paint them as you like. You can use them as make-up brush holders or simply keep them in the corner filled  with colourful confetti or pot pourri. You can also use them as candle stands for a special night! *wink*

6 DIY ideas for your room

7. DIY bed canopy

A thin curtain, some hooks and little bit of effort is all you need to make your room look magical. Just hook your curtain on one side of the bed and attach it to the ceiling and let the rest of it hang for a tent like effect. Your paradise is ready!

*This is a sponsored post for Asian Paints