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Dear Dhinchak Pooja, Please Stay Inside The Bigg Boss House For Good

Dear Dhinchak Pooja, Please Stay Inside The Bigg Boss House For Good

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I want to begin by saying that I am mostly indifferent towards things around me. But, this is something that caught my attention a long time back and it’s high time I addressed it. Not long ago, a song called ‘Selfie Maine Leli Aaj’ by a self-proclaimed star ‘Dhinchak Pooja’ went viral. Self-proclaimed, because you have to hand it to her for the level of confidence she has when she is addressing her ‘fans’.

My problem is not with her confidence. The problem arises from the fact that we, as a society, are proceeding towards a darker future. With songs like ‘Aunty Ki Ghanti’ and ‘Dillon Ka Shooter’ going viral on all social media platforms, I am not just appalled but want to keep saying ‘what the fuck’ like a million times!

Dhinchak Pooja 1

It makes me wonder if people actually want to feel superior to her - by listening to her cringe pop music - or maybe, there is some form of sadistic pleasure that is associated with her kind of music. Or, do they just like it because at the most basic level, a majority of us don’t really know the difference between quality and popularity? And even then, what’s the takeaway? Let me spell it out for you, kids, IT’S NOT COOL IN ANYWAY!

This was not it. While I was already scarred because of these songs going viral on television channels, there was a cherry on top just to give me a heart-attack! I was at an event where college students were performing on popular music and I was grooving along the soundtracks until they paused to play Dhinchak Pooja!! I died. A million deaths!

And if that was not enough, I saw her opposite Salman khan on national television entering the most popular house in the history of housing societies of India - the Bigg Boss House! For a second I thought it was a prank (didn’t make it better); but, why oh why? And doing this just for fun is proof in itself that our entertainment industry seems to be headed either for the gallows, or the gutter. Doing this to mock her is no fun, either. But, again, reality TV in India has, for years now, preyed on their subjects for TRPs. The worst part - it works.

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When will we realise that there is, indeed, a fine line between disliking a video and sharing it because it’s full of crap? Sharing it and laughing at it makes it viral. And while we could all use a few laughs in life, what’s it coming at the cost of? Negative publicity is publicity and that’s what has made her what she is today. Sure, we all look at her and laugh - secretly dissing her, even because, somehow, that is good for our collective egos - but, we still look at her, right?

There are so many talented people out there who have brilliant work showcase; God knows they’ve put in endless, painstaking hours just to do it right. And yet, they’re the ones struggling to make it while the likes of Pooja Jain (I refrain from calling her Dhinchak anything) are flying ahead into shows on national television. And we’re the ones to blame. Not Bigg Boss and certainly not the ‘popstar’ in question (like I said, not taking her name).

It’s like an era of watching all things crap and cringeworthy come to life as we live and breathe. Honestly, if this isn’t all part of the apocalypse, I don’t know what is. Media publications need to stop talking about nonsensical things just for the sake of views. It’s time we instill something good and meaningful for generations to come and not let them thrive on brainless boners (yes, that’s what this is)! My question is, will this madness ever stop?  It’s a wake-up call guys. PLEASE Oh! Please, save yourselves and the world!

Thank you for listening.