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Dear Best Friend, Thanks For The 3AM Conversations!

Dear Best Friend, Thanks For The 3AM Conversations!

Hey, you!

What’s up, loser?

Tell me what did I ever do to end up with someone so stupid as you? Or as incompetent as you? Or somebody who knows me so well? Or somebody who has the heart of pure gold? I know that we never thank each other, because well, ‘friendship mein no sorry, no thank you’, but today I felt like I owed you the words we’ve never said to each other but have always wanted to. This will be a tad bit sentimental, so grab some tissues, okay?

Thank you.

Thank you, first of all, for being you. For the beautiful and amazing person you are. Nobody knows your journey as closely as I do and I’m proud of the person you are today - strong, courageous and beautiful inside out. Everything you’ve done so far, and everything you will ever do, just goes to show that I did choose well when it came to my other family.

gif 1 dear best friend

Thank you for being my support system. I cannot even come close to imagining my life without you. No matter how I messed up or what I did wrong, you’ve been there to pick me up and motivate me to make things right. There are times I forget just how awesome I am, but you, woman, never do! How do you always end up with enough strength for the both of us? You truly amaze me, I swear!

Thank you for being my worst critic. While I do not particularly enjoy when you break my bubble and bring me back to reality, it is much needed most of the time (this is the only time, I’ll admit it!). You always point out my flaws, never maliciously though. And all your snarky comments, sarcastic one-liners have only made me a much better person and my life infinitely more entertaining.

Thank you for being my soulmate. I can never imagine a guy even coming close to what I feel for you. He’s going to be my partner, my husband, the one who’ll stick with me through thick and thin but you are my soul sister. You are the one who’ll always be the recipient of my 3 A.M phone calls just like you have been no matter who I’ve been dating at that time. I cannot believe how you just need to hear my voice to know what is happening in my life. Through the drunk nights and the crying, there is nobody who I’d rather spill my soul to.

GIf 2 dear best friend

I admit that I kind of hate that you’ve put me in a place where I always think “what would I do without you” but I’m glad that you’ve given me the security and the peace of mind that you will always be there, no matter what. Even after all the fights, all the arguments and all the ego issues, I know you’ll be there for me, for better or for worse.

Some days, I don’t know what I’m doing with my life but I do know that with you by my side, I’m not really that worried. As long as I have you on my team, I’ll figure it all out. After all, you’re both the devil on my shoulder and the angel in my head.

p.s.: If you ever tell anyone I’ve said all this to you, we are gonna have some serious problem. Being sentimental does not go well with my cool image!

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