5 Girls Reveal The *Cutest* Ways Their Boyfriends Made Up After A Fight

5 Girls Reveal The *Cutest* Ways Their Boyfriends Made Up After A Fight

Knowing how to make up after a fight is a skill. Well, because messing up in relationships is absolutely natural! While fights in a relationship are absolutely inevitable, one should always know how to do damage control. We’re all suckers for cutesy things and no matter how stone cold you feel at times, some stories will definitely melt your heart. No matter what! So, in the hopes of giving you boyfriend goals, we asked 5 girls, the cutest way in which their boyfriends made up after a silly fight!

“He never really liked to drive but that night, he drove all the way to see me!”

“We never really fight that often but when we do, it’s almost like World War. And you know things have gotten serious when it’s a day of not having a single conversation. While in my head I was right, (which I always am) I just wanted to make sure he realised what he said to me on his own. However, he did not and sometimes you just need to let them know. So, I dropped my ego and decided to message him. Just when I did, he called me and started apologising. Well, I would have appreciated some self-realization, but we were both at fault. He is a guy who hates to drive. So much so that he takes a cab back home no matter where he is. We lived quite far away from each other and this conversation happened quite late at night. He still drove down with my favourite late night munchies while talking to me just to prove how sorry he felt for not talking to me all day. You know how they say little things matter, he just proved how much they do that night :)” - Kritika Handa, Writer.

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“He made us official! I met his mother”

“We met one year back and have been dating each other since then. We never really made it official because we wanted to take time. However, we all have that one time when we get to have that awkward conversation with our partners and mine was that one night. I talked about talking to families and he almost freaked out and we had a fight. Later that week he called me and made up and took me to his place as a surprise. Now, I talk to his mother too and am really happy to know that this relationship is headed somewhere! Couldn’t have asked for a better surprise!” - Srishti Chopra, Actuary

“He did what I love the most - took me shopping!”

“If a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to a woman’s is probably buying her new clothes. We never get enough of them, you see.  And I believe that my boyfriend knew this very well about me. So, he decided to do damage control after our first fight by taking me shopping. Basically, I realized that he got his idea from the new Max Fashion campaign which is all about ‘winning her back’. He took me there and asked me to pick everything that I liked (and I did). Even though he took his idea from this awesome TV commercial, I give him credits for actually thinking it through! Isn’t he the cutest?” - Manasvini Kapoor, PR consultant

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“Because it’s only words that he had and that was the best thing”

“Being a writer, he probably thought he could play me with words. And words it was! He did the cutest thing this one time we fought. He wrote me a really cute letter. 18 pages, front and back! If you know what I mean? He’s someone who’s not so expressive, so for him to write so much was more of a sweet surprise for me. I just drove down to hug him and tell him how much I love him!“ - Roopal Kaur, Editor

“He made me my favourite dinner”

“It’s always cute to see him make extra efforts. Even better when he puts in extra efforts to make up for a mistake. Well, that night after our fight he let me sleep angry in spite of having talked about it. However, the next day, he just left me a text to meet him which made me want to kill him. I mean who does that? Well, I went to see him anyway, only to find out that he made me dinner. Not just dinner, some great music, candlelights and all things pretty. Mister made me proud!” - Sanyukta Roy, Dancer

5 boys made up after a fight

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