These Celebs Had Kickass Responses To Body Shaming

These Celebs Had Kickass Responses To Body Shaming

One trend that women can’t get rid of is body shaming. Thanks to popular media, it has become a social norm that instills in women the belief that they need to look a certain way to be taken seriously. When we say, “I am so ugly, I don’t like my face or I hate how my arms jiggle,” we are giving value to the idea that our physical features matter more than anything else. We know it better than anyone else that this needs to stop. That we need to love our body, own it like a boss and never allow anyone to tell us how we should look. Since we look up to celebrities for so many things - there are a few who have been body shamed but they shut those trolls like superstars! Follow their advice and just love your body.

1.Gigi Hadid

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When Gigi got trolled for her walk and her body during Paris Fashion Week, she shut all body shamers in the most elegant and kickass way possible. In this post, she explained how she doesn’t have the ideal model figure but she still feels sexy and gets the work done because of her amazing work ethic. She gives us an important lesson: even supermodels have physical imperfections but you have to accept them, flaunt them without being afraid and continue hustling to achieve what you want.

2.Demi Lovato

We all know about Demi Lovato’s struggle with body image, bulimia and drug abuse when she went to rehab to seek treatment in 2010. In a recent Instagram post, she admitted how much she loves her curves and is happy showing them off. Ladies, we should all love our bodies and be kind to it.

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3. Chrissy Teigen

Bruises from bumping kitchen drawer handles for a week. Stretchies say hi!

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Chrissy Teigen doesn’t just rule on social media but with this Instagram post she ruled our hearts too. It takes serious guts to post a picture of stretch marks and owning them in the most amazing way ever. She slyly took a dig at all body shamers without even addressing them. So ladies, when a supermodel is so happy accepting her stretch marks and imperfections - why shouldn’t we? Don’t drive yourself crazy over removing your scars or stretch marks - they are mementos of your incredible life journey.

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4. Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is the first ‘plus size’ supermodel who has created a phenomenal rage on social media and the fashion runway. Her Instagram posts are filled with inspiring messages centered around loving yourself and embracing your imperfections. We loved this Instagram post in particular because she shows off cellulite on her thighs unabashedly, leaving a very powerful message - don’t be too hard on yourself, sit back and love every bumpy bit about yourself. Follow her- we love and respect her and we bet even you will.

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5. Hilary Duff 


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Hilary Duff has been our favorite since the first episode of Lizzie Mcguire aired on television. We were addicted to her music and made sure to dance to all her songs. Now she has given us another reason to look up to her. Her recent Instagram post, addressed all women who have ever been body shamed.  A picture of herself in a swimsuit while enjoying time with her son, she acknowledged her flaws before body shamers could. She spoke about how her body has changed from when she was a girl to a mother and she couldn’t be more proud of her body. With such self-confidence and sass - we can’t help but look upto her in loving our bodies more.