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12 Couples Who Showed Us How To Coordinate Shaadi Outfits!

12 Couples Who Showed Us How To Coordinate Shaadi Outfits!

Red with red and beige with beige. Is this the extent of coordination that you can possibly manage when it comes to planning coordinated outfits for yourself and your husband-to-be? Well then, you’re in for a real surprise. We spotted these 12 real couples on Instagram who gave us some amazing ideas of coordinating outfits that are a real treat. From matching fabrics to similar prints, these couples are outfit coordination goals. Check them out...

1. Coordination doesn’t really mean that the colour of the clothes has to be same. It can be a similar fabric too, just like this couple. They opted for a Banarasi silk look in the same shimmery pattern and boy, did they look amazing! And it’s obviously not just their clothes, but also their 1000-watt smiles that are giving us major #couplegoals.

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2. Now that’s so cute! You can totally do what this couple did and coordinate your wedding outfits with your partner just like this happy duo here. The bride incorporated beige in her dupatta along with her red dupatta and the groom opted for a bright red safa. You can pick any two colours and mix and match to come up with a gorgeously coordinated look. If the groom is wearing a suit, he can match his tie to the colour of your lehenga.

3. We were just talking about matching fabrics and patterns rather than colours. But if you want to legit set #twinning goals with your hubby on the big day, then do what this couple did. Opt for a similar or maybe same colour, fabric and pattern. Keep in mind that the colour you choose is subtle, because otherwise there are chances that you two might look a bit OTT.

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4. We simply can’t get over how bright and beautiful this couple look in their coordinated orange and cream-coloured outfits. If you are looking for a perfectly matched look on your big day that doesn’t look too much, then go for this trend. Coordinate the colour of your dupatta (and in this case skirt too) with the groom’s dupatta.  We are sure, it will look just as awesome.

5. The first thought we had upon seeing this gorgeous picture was ‘how stunning!’ The light pink shade that is so prominent in their outfits is a treat to the eyes and a refreshing change from all the reds and oranges that couples usually tend to adorn.

6. Another amazing coordination trick that we spotted on a real couple and loved. The criss-cross match! The groom’s jacket and the bride’s lehenga skirt are of the same colour. Even the choli and dupatta of the bride and the groom’s kurta matches perfectly. It is a visual treat and makes for some great pictures!

7. Now this is what we call a perfectly colour coordinated look. They seem so perfect in the bright and sunny yellow outfits. This look is just what you should opt for at a morning mehendi function. Teamed with some gorgeous floral jewellery for the bride and cool aviators for the groom, this is simply #goals!

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8. Now, now! There are a very few couples who can pull off OTT coordinated looks. And that too with a colour as bright and attention grabbing as red. If you think you are one of those badass couples who can do it, then go for it! Just go a little easy on the jewellery and tadaa - you’re sorted!

9. This is perfect for the funky couple who wants to maintain their individual colour preferences, but still look coordinated. These two soon-to-be-married lovebirds did just that and we have to say, we love their outfits. The bride-to-be incorporated a very thin border in her bright green lehenga that matched perfectly with the colour of the groom’s kurta. She even wore (and rocked) aviators that went really well with the whole scheme of colours and we’re so impressed!

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10. So pretty, oh my God! This couple wore a similar floral design but in different colours and we must say,  it did give us some great coordination ideas. You can opt for differently coloured outfits with same or similar designs and see the difference it makes to your pictures. If you and your partner cannot agree on a floral pattern, then you can go for a booti design instead.

11. This is another great idea to coordinate your outfits - the ombre trend. You can pick outfits of varying shades of the same colour. This couple picked peach and it really worked for them. So talk to your partner about his preferences, and come up with a colour that you both love. In our opinion, shades of green and blue work really well for such a look.

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12. Another perfect look for a morning function, especially the mehendi ceremony. The groom here decided to go for a solid orange coloured kurta while the bride chose a white-base lehenga with an orange and pink print on it and they looked lovely together. In this case, it is better to pick the bride’s outfit first and then find a matching outfit for the groom.