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10 Hilarious Things You Can Do When Your Boyfriend Asks For 'Space'!

10 Hilarious Things You Can Do When Your Boyfriend Asks For 'Space'!

There is something I need to confess. I do not understand when people say things like ‘I need space from my girlfriend/boyfriend’. I mean, let’s just be honest and accept that we’re all clingy. What’s different is the degree of clinginess! No matter how much we deny it, we like to spend a lot of time with our partners. Something like ‘I need space’ can be both heartbreaking and humiliating for the other person. But that is the thing about life and love - a dash of humour can make everything and every situation better. So here are 10 hilarious things you can do or say when he asks for ‘space’.

1. “I’ll fund your trip to the Moon. Then you can have all the space you want!”

You just asked for it!

Here’s a book that will drive the point across - Space A Children's Encyclopedia. Buy it here for Rs 400.

2. “And I think you just need some more of Universe Me!”

Shouldn’t his world revolve around you?

3. Gift him a puppy and name him Space!

Now, that’s one offer he can’t refuse!

3 asks for space

And now that you’ve bought him a dog, he’ll need some dog treats as well. Buy them here for Rs. 248.

4. “No”

Like Amitabh Bachchan once said, “na apne aap mein hi ek vakya hai”

5. Move a few steps away and show him the space you’ve given him, literally!

Let’s all pretend to be Captain Obvious!

Jokes apart, we all need a little help sometimes. Buy 'Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus’ for Rs 175.

6. “It’s time for me to call my backup boyfriend!”

Aah, peasant!

6 asks for space

7. Cling to his leg and do not let him walk away!

I know it’s a teeny tiny bit lame, but why don’t we try it though?

8. Simply send him a few photos of the Space.

Nothing better than that!

9. “Why don’t you sleep on the sofa and think about what you said!”

All the best, cuddling yourself!

9 asks for space

On that note, here’s a cute cushion make the thinking easier. Buy it here for Rs 299.

10. “It’s either full-time or nothing. Space is a concept I wasn’t taught!”

What space? Exsqueeze me!

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