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These Products Will Stop You From Turning Into A Sweaty Mess In The October Heat

Sumona Bose

Fashion Writer

Are you amongst the first in the room to break into a sweat? Do sebum and sweat ruin your make-up? You know what we’re talking about. Uncontrollable sweating can lead your make-up to look smudgy and cakey, something which can be a total nightmare for make-up aficionados and novices alike! Thankfully, a variety of products are now available in the market that helps reduce oiliness, manage sweat and reduce shine, basically your sweat proof saviours!

From absorbent sheets to toning mists, here are 7 beauty essentials for a girl who sweats too often!

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Blotting Papers

First things first, if you tend to sweat a lot make sure you keep a set of blotting papers handy in your bag, at all times! They are the perfect absorbing sheets for any sweat or oil on your face and will instantly remove shine without smudging your makeup!

NYX Professional Makeup

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A Light Foundation

Cream-based foundations tend to get cakey on sweaty skin. If you are facing the issue of  smudgy, congealed foundation on parts of your face due to sweating, switch to this lighter foundation! A long-wear pick, the product is light as air and leaves your skin to breathe all day long!

Estée Lauder

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A Toning Face Mist

Sweating too often can give your skin a dull appearance. Use this toning facial mist to refresh your make-up at any time of the day! The mist is excellent for setting your make-up and give it a refreshing boost whenever necessary throughout the day!

Estée Lauder

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An Oil-Free Primer

For the girl who sweats too often, a primer can be a saving grace when it comes to setting make-up! Use an oil-free product to avoid getting shiny later in the day due to the moisture. This lightweight serum gently soothes, revives and replenishes the skin while preparing it for the day!


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A Creme Blush

If you have tried to absorb your sweat by applying powder, you are familiar with the chalky look. Powder blushes can cake in your sweat which can ruin entire look of your done up face. A good alternative is to switch to cream-based blushes and making use of blotting papers to avoid the shine.

Elizabeth Arden

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A Water Resistant Mascara

Water-resistant mascaras are not just for those pesky rainy days! Avoid accidental smudges with this bold black mascara and get a high-impact curl while you are at it! The jumbo brush conjures up thick lashes that lasts for upto 8 hours!

Bobbi Brown

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A Liquid Liner

Liquid liners work better than pencil liners on oily skin. An added bonus, the product comes with a rolling applicator and provides an even stroke for your much dreaded and desired winged looks!


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Tell the October heat to buzz off!

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Published on Oct 19, 2017
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