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This Should Be Your Go-To Statement Accessory - According To Your Favourite Female Superhero!

This Should Be Your Go-To Statement Accessory - According To Your Favourite Female Superhero!

Fashion and pop culture have always given good company to each other. Pop culture has been one of the major influences on fashion trends. From trying to imitate Gossip Girl alum Blair Waldorf to worshipping our forever reigning teen queen Lizzie Mcguire, the women we see on TV and movies have been filling our caddy up with style goals!

Comic book films have become an audience darling in the past decade with Marvel and DC releasing quality content. So, with the massive success of Wonder Woman, and other female-led superhero movies on the way, we decided to look to our favourite badass ladies for some fresh accessorizing inspiration!

Find out what should be your go-to statement accessories inspired by these rad female superheroes!

1. Black Widow And Her Cinched Waist

1 statement accessories black widow

Image Source

This Avengers alum is a trailblazer for women who can hold their own and her style statement is equally inspirational. Though we won't encourage you to step out in a leather bodysuit, her cinched waist look is totally doable! The tool needed for this is a bold statement belt that will go with all your shirt dresses!

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2. Wonder Woman And Her Cuff Bracelets

2 statement accessories wonder woman

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Wonder Woman’s cuff bracelets can do some pretty serious damage but us mortals can only dream about such fantastical powers! In the meantime, if you love this badass Amazonian, the cuff bracelets can be your way to emulate the warrior! And no, we don't mean her arm metal weapons but bold versatile cuffs that can be worn with any outfit!

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3. Supergirl And Her Thigh High Boots

3 statement accessories supergirl

Image Source

Although you will see most female superheroes donning a pair of thigh-high boots, we love Supergirl’s version of block-heeled leather beauties! Calling out all the leggy ladies, take a cue from fashion fav Kylie Jenner and pair your boots with shift dresses to really bring out the charm of this hot trend!

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4. Harley Quinn And Her Chunky Choker

4 statement accessories harley quinn

Image Source

If you are planning to dress up as Harley Quinn this Halloween or just dig her style statement in general, the chunky choker is a must-have addition to your wardrobe. Even though she is a villain in DC universe, you cannot deny her influence on bizarre and outlandish styles! Chokers are super trendy already and will elevate you comparatively tame outfits!

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5. Jessica Jones And Her Cosy Scarf

5 statement accessories jessica jones

Image Source

Since Daredevil, Netflix has been absolutely killing it in its productions of superhero stories! Our favourite of the lot is Jessica Jones, she is fiercely independent and loves wine! With layering being a top trend this year, you can source inspiration from Jones’ look and go for cosy solid scarves to pair with your fall outfit!

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6. Scarlet Witch And Her Layered Necklace

6 statement accessories scarlet witch

Image Source

Our favourite fashionistas have been layering necklaces this season and we love them for it! We especially love Scarlet Witch’s version of chunky boho necklaces that will add detail to your low neck tops and dresses! They can also be paired with your everyday casuals on days you're feeling lazy but still wish to look your stylish best!

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7. Catwoman And Her Pearls

7 Statement accessories catwoman

Image Source

Pearls have been making appearances in various forms this season, from embellished clothes to studded boots, this opulent stone has taken a contemporary route. No wonder Catwoman loves them so much that she’d be willing to commit crimes for it! Embrace this traditional darling and add the touch of standout pearls to your fall outfit!

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Published on Oct 16, 2017
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