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Love Dressing Up? 5 Apps You Need To Download Right Away!

Love Dressing Up? 5 Apps You Need To Download Right Away!

When you think of ‘fashion apps’ - our favourite shopping widgets come to mind. But there are so many other apps that make our life (and style) better - without causing a dent on our pockets. From helping you create the perfect look, to getting you in touch with stylists, the following apps have something for everyone. These will take up little space on your smartphone and make a major difference to your look.

1. Limeroad

1 Fashion App

Limeroad is known for their fashion and style updates every 30 seconds! This app keeps you updated with the latest styles that are trending around the world, with an ample amount of information from leading fashion magazines. The best part about this app is that you can create your own looks! It has a smart feature where you can mix and match different outfits to create something new. You can also follow leading fashion, stylists, celebrities, bloggers and fashion brands to remain up to date with the latest fashion trends. This app is available for free to all Android, iOS and Windows users.

2. Wooplr

2 Fashion App

Wooplr is undoubtedly one of the best fashion apps in the country. It has a curated fashion team that helps you choose the latest in fashion and style. You could also seek fashion advice from some of the best stylists in India through this app! Its USP is the personalization feature, where you could choose your own attire. You could select different ensembles according to your own individual style.

3. Seenit

3 Fashion App

SEENIT helps you choose an outfit adorned by your favourite Bollywood celebrity. This app is a lot of fun and mostly caters to Bollywood and celebrity dressing. You can choose a particular ensemble as seen on a celebrity and it will tell you where to get it! You could also drop a question if you like a specific item and they will guide you. This app also features a section where you can shop by what is currently trending. It is available to all Android and iOS users for free.

4. Voonik

4 Fashion App

Voonik caters exclusively to female consumers. You can choose from a variety of Indo-western, ethnic wear, western wear collections, beauty products, accessories and lingerie. The highlight of this app is that it helps you choose a particular outfit according to your skin tone and body structure. It is available for iOS, Windows and Android users for free.

5. Styledotme

5 Fashion App

This app allows you to vote for an item and helps you choose from different options in real time. All you have to do is put up images of different products. There is a feature that creates a poll with a set timer. People using this app vote and help you pick an item instantly! They have an in-house panel of fashion bloggers and stylists taking care of all your fashion queries and give you expert fashion advice. This app is available for all Android, iOS and Windows users for free.


6 Fashion App

We can’t complete this list without mentioning the POPxo app! Get inspiration and expert advice on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. We keep you updated with all the latest trends and we’re constantly on the lookout for what’s hot and trending. With a click, you get access to all the cool stuff that’s happening around you! It is available to all Android and iOS users for free.