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8 Diwali Gifts You Can Give Bae - Because Why Not?

Phalasha Nagpal

Guest Contributor

Diwali is not just the festival of lights and celebration; but, also a time for new beginnings. It is a time to remind your partner how special he is and that he means the world to you! On this day, a simple present, a few sweet gestures and a dash of TLC is sure to get you all set for Diwali. We’ve put together a stellar list that you can gift your sweetheart. Since we have done all the thinking, you can just click on the links and order away…

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A Beautiful Wall Hanging

Wouldn’t it be a brilliant idea to take the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, and have an auspicious start to the new year?


₹526   ₹1599   67% off
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Light & Shine!

If there is one thing that is symbolic of Diwali, it is lights and diyas. Give bae this decorative brass table diya set, and have this festive season shimmering with light!

Artistic India

₹459   ₹899   48% off
2 diwali gifts

All Decked Up

Help your sweetheart get in the right feels this Diwali with a traditional kurta pyjama set that he can wear for the puja and festivities at home. He is surely going to love you all the more for such a thoughtful present.

RG Designers

₹1319   ₹3799   65% off
3 diwali gifts

All Things Grooming

A little bit of pampering before the festive season? Why, yes! Bae would definitely appreciate this collection which will make for an essential part of his grooming routine.

Forest Essentials

4 diwali gifts

Doing Up His Home

Diwali is a time for decorating your humble abode with all the splendour. A vibrant bed sheet would make for an effective present this festive season.


₹1080   ₹1799   39% off
5 diwali gifts

Kuch Meetha Ho Jaayein

You just can’t go wrong with chocolates when it comes to any celebratory occasion.Just get a box of bae’s favourite chocolates, wrap it up with some dazzling ribbons, pretty wrapping paper and voila, the Diwali present is ready.

Ferrero Rocher

6 diwali gifts

Dry Fruits Ahoy!

Go the traditional way and gift him a box of dry fruits, because you know nothing feels more Diwali-like than pista, badaam and kaaju!

Ghasitaram Gifts

₹586   ₹651   9% off
7 diwali gifts

Light His Night With Colourful Sky Lanterns

It would be a wonderful idea to ditch those pesky fire crackers this year and brighten up the night sky with these colourful sky lanterns with your darling!

Darling Toys

₹449   ₹899   50% off
8 diwali gifts

Happy shopping, ladies!

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Published on Oct 17, 2017
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