Looking For A Statement Bridal Nathni Design? Check Out These 7 Brides Who Nailed It!

Looking For A Statement Bridal Nathni Design? Check Out These 7 Brides Who Nailed It!

Whether your taste in jewelry is dainty and delicate like Deepika from Bajirao Mastani or elaborate and stunning like the Deepika of Padmavatiyou must only go for jewelry that suits your face best, because let’s accept it - not everything out there is made for everyone. If you are looking for the best nose ring design to adorn yourself with on your big day, then we’re here to help! We searched through Instagram and spotted these 7 brides who wore the most stunning nathni designs on their wedding. Check out these bridal nose rings for all the inspiration you need.


Nose Design 1: Just Right for the Elegant one

When you want to go for a very simple bridal look, make sure your nathni design is never OTT. This bride chose an elegant nose ring for herself, which had tiny beads hanging from the chain and we think she looks gorgeous. Everything about her look, including her unique yellow and pink attire is a treat for the eyes.

Nose Design 2: Coz simple looks best, doesn’t it?

Now this nathni design is something we have never seen before. It just consists of a plain nose ring, with golden beads embedded in the chain. Paired with the bride’s oversized kundan earring and maangtikka, these type of bridal nose ring designs balance her look amazingly well!

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Nose Design 3. Kundan love

Kundan never has and never will go out of trend. Again, if you already have an elaborate neckpiece, earrings and maangtikka, then make sure your nathni design is not very heavy. This bride chose a simple nose ring with a tiny flower made of kundan and little beads, and we totally love it!

Nose Design 4. Royalty at its best

We loved this nathni design not just because of how pretty it is, but because how well it has been styled with the bride’s outfit. That contrasting green bead and the cluster of tiny pearls add a touch of royalty to the bride’s look. Contrast is in these days, so you must consider that when picking your wedding jewelry.

Nose Design 5: Redifining Elegance

Elaborate is the way to go for you, if you know that you can carry it off well. This bride chose to wear highly detailed jewelry pieces on her big day, but we’re not complaining at all! That’s because she was able to carry everything with so much grace. So, if you think you can do it, go for a chunky nose ring and rock it!


Nose Design 6: Pearly Magic, Anyone?

Another one for the bride who doesn’t want to go over the top but still look stunning. Nobody ever said anything about compact jewelry not looking beautiful, and this beauty right here proves it! She picked a very small nose ring, added a beaded chain to it and tadaaa - this is how she looked on her wedding day! So pretty!

You can even go for a nath with a golden beaded chain. You can get it on Amazon for Rs 379!

Nose Design 7: Pretty up with beads


We just cannot get enough of beads! They have the ability to instantly pretty anything up, just like they did to this nathni design. The nose ring itself is adorned with them and so is the chain, and we can’t even...

We think all these bridal nose ring designs are lovely. Pick whatever suits you best, and go rock your bridal look! After all, you only get to be a bride once, right?