8 Badass Quotes You Can Use As Your WhatsApp DP!

8 Badass Quotes You Can Use As Your WhatsApp DP!

There are two words that would have brought you to this story - badass and WhatsApp DP! C’mon, don’t deny it! You want to change your WhatsApp display picture and you want to be super sassy with it. It could be to show an ex that you’re doing just fine or maybe a kickass reply to people who have been bitching about you or just general way of telling the world that you’re okay the way you are. Hey, we’re not judging! In fact, we get it!

And to help you out, we’ve got a few badass quotes that will be just the things you are looking for!

1. Something to remind you that you are enough and once you understand that, the world will be at your doorstep!


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2. When you can’t help but fall in love with the stronger and happier version of yourself!

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3. When you want to push your limits to be what you truly are - a star, waiting to shoot across the sky


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4. Another subtle reminder to always be yourself!

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5. For you’re a total badass at heart!

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6. When you know life is cruel with everyone but it has made you rock solid too!

7. Always keep your light burning!


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8. Give a shoutout to all the love in you!

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Go give yourself a WhatsApp makeover now!