9 Annoying Questions People Ask When You Breakup - Just Why?!

9 Annoying Questions People Ask When You Breakup - Just Why?!

Sometimes words can make you squirm in displeasure. Especially when they are piled on you as pathetic attempts at comforting you. Take a breakup, for example, how many times have you regretted telling someone that you broke up simply because their follow-up question made you want to bang your head against a wall. Good intentions at heart or not, people have got to stop asking these annoying questions after a relationship ends!

1. Why did it happen?

Like, how is that even relevant to anything? Like it wouldn’t have happened if my Rahu was on top of my Ketu?!

1 annoying questions - nina dobrev

2. Did you break up or did he?

How does it make a difference to YOU?

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3. How did you break it to him?

It’s not even sufficient for them to get a gist about what was said. No, no, they want exact quotes just like they were said!

3 annoying questions - zooey deschanel

4. Was there no way to work out the issues?

Wow, thanks, it never even occurred to us!

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5. Do you miss him?

*deep breaths, deep breaths*

5 annoying questions - nona dobrev angry

6. Are you scared of being alone?

Right now? No, not at all. If that means I will be getting away from you!

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7. Any chances of you guys getting back together?

Have you been listening at all?!

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7 annoying questions - deepika padukone angry

8. Is he seeing someone else now?

Yes, planting images of him with someone else in my mind is the right way to deal with this right now! Right!

9. Have you moved on?

From this conversation? Yes!

9 annoying questions - emma watson harry potter

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