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Dear Ladies, Here’s Why You HAVE To Fit In!

Dear Ladies, Here’s Why You HAVE To Fit In!

Ladies, did you know that the art of leading a great, fulfilling life is in doing everything that’ll keep you from standing out in the crowd? You have to fit in, in order to serve as the prototype of a ‘good Indian girl’. Being unconventional will do you no good which is why you should embrace the flock. The society that we are living in rests on good ’ol ‘sanskars’ and doing anything above and beyond that is just looking for trouble. What we are saying is - you shouldn’t be having ambitions, or opinions or the desire to do something for yourself!

For some inexplicable reason, the family’s honour rests on our nimble shoulders, so straying from their expectations would be quite the crime. Don’t you think? A mediocre life awaits you, whether you like it or not. And maybe, it is for your own good. Who likes a sore thumb, who wants to be an unnecessary centre of attention. Being a baggage is our intended fate as we move from our father's house to our husband, carrying suitcases of ‘neeyam’ and ‘adarsh’ on our head.


And you’re definitely NOT allowed to read books like these but we thought of letting you know anyway! Awakening Your Goddess (Rs 499)

Drinking and smoking are more injurious to your character than your health so watch that glass, lady! Being a feminist is of no use because look around, our society treats men and women equally. With the former finding themselves in boardrooms and the latter relegated to the confines of a kitchen. We have our designated roles and things are just more organized that way.

Picking an unconventional career will leave you no time to look after your own family. You want to be a bartender? Koi shaadi nahi karega. Toh, ya toh doctor ban jao, ya toh engineer. Administrative services main bhi bohot scope hai. You have to get married and settle down so you better pick a ‘decent’ career because after all, apne husband ko impress jo karna hai! :)

And if you don’t believe in the institution of marriage then God only will save you because ‘akeli ladki khuli hui tijori ki tarah hoti hai

You thought this was the end of it? Wishful thinking. You not only have to fit in terms of your career or relationships but have to make sure that you wear the right kind of clothes, impress your in-laws, learn to cook, talk softly and the list just goes on! Because otherwise, they will judge you. Judge you for being different, judge you for being you. I mean who are we kidding, no matter what you do, they’ll judge you. No matter what you do, you were asking for it and it ALWAYS is your fault.

So, let silence be your best friend. Learn to cook because apparently, a great meal is the only way into a man’s heart. Don’t have any tattoos or piercings because your aesthetic sensibilities don’t matter. Don’t dare to be different. Never voice anything that concerns you. A woman with opinions is a dangerous thing to behold. You’re a woman, you cannot possibly be the best. It’s time you come to terms with it too.

Or maybe don’t.

When you have the entire world chastising you for putting yourself first, stand tall, fierce and strong. Cut your hair short and wear that bright pink lipstick. Wear a crop top even if they tell you that you have no business owning one. Stand out because that it is the only way you can make your presence felt, the only way you can prove naysayers wrong. Do it as if your life depended on it. Your way or the highway. It is as simple as that, really.

We have your back ladies, go seize the day!

And while the world is judging you for doing everything your way, you just watch some telly and enjoy a bag of chips (Rs 32)


A girl who’s tired of fitting in!

Published on Sep 19, 2017
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