15 Days, 2 Friends, 1 Diet: Who Did It Better?

15 Days, 2 Friends, 1 Diet: Who Did It Better?

Memes, quotes and videos about friends motivating one another to stay fit or becoming gym buddies for life had us looking at each other with guilty expressions as we took another bite of our burgers. “It’s been a rough day, it’s okay to eat a little extra,” we’d often say at the end of a binge-eating session. So when we were pitted against each other to try a diet at work, we decided well, why not?

Getting a two week diet from Anjali Siddhartha, a professional Dietician, we started off on our mission. She focused on just making us eat healthy for a start. She chalked out a balanced diet plan for us which had components from each food group (dairy, vegetables, fruits, grains and protein).

So here is the story of Shivani and Isheeta, colleagues and best friends, as they tried to get their food...and life in order!

Day 1

Isheeta: I have never tried a diet before so I am super excited. Everyone tells me it’s going to be tough but I am all prepped up for it. Well, not really, but I have never had much difficulty controlling my urges, so it’ll be fine. I also absolutely love lemon and honey water, which is how our diet starts, in the morning so this is right up my alley.

Shivani: Me? And diet? You’re kidding, right? I am a big time foodie and giving up on all that junk makes me sad. Today’s the first day Isheeta and I take on this weight loss diet challenge, and honestly, it sucks. I mean who the f*** drinks lemon and honey first thing in the morning, anyway?  

1 weight loss diet

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Day 3

Isheeta: It’s the middle of the week and if there is one genuine weakness I have it’s binging on potato chips. I mean Lays Magic Masala does things to me that no one else can. And I can’t have it!! For the next 12 days!! Instead we need to have eggs and coffee (without the sugar). Which is great but I want my potato chips back! Well, atleast I still have coffee! For lunch, we have a bowl of cooked vegetable (but no potatoes again!!) with chapati, salad and raita. Minus the potato bit, I think I am actually doing okay.

Shivani: It’s only the third day? Damn! But you know what? Maybe, I should take this diet a little more seriously. If Isheeta can do it, then so can I. Bring on the healthy food. I’m allergic to eggs though so I’m only left with eating paneer sandwich and TBH, it’s not that bad. Paneer is just fake chicken. But I do have a problem with the lunch, I hardly get time to eat lunch between work and now I’ll have to stuff myself with ‘healthy’ vegetables, chapati, salad and curd (I hate curd).

2 weight loss diet

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Day 6

Isheeta: Okay I have somewhat changed my mind. All this dieting business is such a task. I was supposed to go out for the weekend but I decided not to because I know I will end up eating junk if I do. So, instead I am home with my mom eating the same vegetables and salad. She is pretty excited about this!

Shivani: Arrrggghhh! Why’d I sign up for this? I’m eating the same food day in day out. I’m craving for butter chicken and butter naan. But(ter), it’ll be fine. It’s just a matter of one more week and I have to do this. I can do this. I will do this. Also, I sneaked a chocolate and ate it last night. Everybody cheats, okay?

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3 weight loss diet

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Day 9

Isheeta: It’s week two already! I am so psyched. I kind of ended up having a cheat moment over the weekend because it was my friend’s birthday and c’mon, you have to give me that! Anyway, now we can have sprouts for breakfast and that is just great because I love them anyway!

Shivani: So I cheated on myself with a chocolate on day 6 and then I cheated again, because dude, sprouts? NO. I ain’t eating that chew-chew nonsense. So guess what I ate instead? Chicken burger. I’m not proud of it but the heart wants what it wants.

4 weight loss diet

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Day 12

Isheeta: Lunch in week two is moong sabut dal and there is only one word I have for it - EW! I am legit dreading lunch because I can’t stand the smell or the taste. But I am going to power through this! It’s like taking up a class in patience and control.

Shivani: Are we still doing this? Okay, then. I have given up on losing weight EVER in my life.

5 weight loss diet

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Day 15

Isheeta: I have made it to the last day and I am so happy! Except for that one slice of cake, I did absolutely amazing! And I actually feel kind of nostalgic having my last bowl of vegetable soup for dinner tonight. But, hello potato chips tomorrow!

Shivani: Umm… Isheeta seems to have lost weight and I seem to have lost out on some great food.

6 weight loss diet

In conclusion, Isheeta lost 2 kgs and has been gloating about it in the office since then and Shivani, well, she is still the chirpy little thing she has always been!

A big shout out to Ms. Anjali Siddhartha for giving us a diet plan at least one of us could follow to lose weight in just 15 days. And if just like Isheeta, you’re willing to give up on that junk food to stay fit and lose weight? Here are her contact details:

Email ID: anjalisid@rediffmail.com and Mobile Number: 9212211023

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