7 Genius Tips To Wear The Trickiest Trends Of The Season!

7 Genius Tips To Wear The Trickiest Trends Of The Season!

Wearing the ‘it’ trends of the season come with its own set of risks. They’re not the easiest to style and not everybody has the body type of a model to be able to pull off these looks as is. But if following the latest trends from around the world is what you like, you must customize it according to your personality.

So whether you’re feeling slightly intimidated by a particular trend or are just looking for unique ways of wearing it, here are 7 ways to wear the trickiest trends of the season. Try these #failsafe looks to a party, a club or even a Sunday brunch!

1. Layer The Off Shoulder

1 ways to wear the trickiest trends

The biggest problem with off shoulder tops is that they ride way below the shoulder, making it an annoying job to keep pulling them up. Here’s a quick fix to all your sexy off shoulders- pair them with a cami top like this lacy one (Rs 845) from Shein that you wouldn’t mind showing. If you think a cami top isn’t your style, try a bikini top (Rs 2,399) with fancy strappy details.

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2. Bring Out Your Inner A-Game

2 ways to wear the trickiest trends

Bring the focus to a cute bralette (Rs 1,119). Yes, we’re serious. It’s time to up the bralette game and let it peek through. When you’re wearing skimpy tops and blouses, ensure your inner wear is as stylish and sleek as your outerwear. This just ensures you to feel comfortable and confident throughout.

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3. Sheer Pleasure With Jeans

3. ways to wear the trickiest trends

Always thought the only way you could style a sheer top was by layering a slip under it or throwing on a jacket on top? Well, it’s time to break up with boring and try a sheer top as is with a pair of jeans instead. This is going to be a bold look, but a high waisted pair of jeans like these flared ones (Rs 1,999) will ensure the look isn’t too revealing and will surely make it look put together and oh-so stylish. We love how chic this black sheer top with drop sleeves (Rs 1,299) is, it will look fabulous with high-waist pants or culottes too.

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4. Give The Bodysuit An Update

4. ways to wear the trickiest trends

The bodysuit is perhaps your best friend when it comes to styling a piece without any wrinkles or crinkles. Let go off your basic bodysuits and bring in more experimental ones with frills and flounce to pair it with slick separates. A risque bodysuit paired with your favourite pencil skirt is a really great idea to look on-trend and super chic. This tie-detail (Rs 895) one by KOOVS is just what we’re talking about.

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5. Match The Jewellery To The Top!

5. ways to wear the trickiest trends

Jewellery can accentuate your look in a jiffy, giving your basics a refreshing update. But it’s time we take the jewel talk to the next level and suggest you to go matchy matchy with your dresses instead of going for the gold. Match elements of your dress with similar coloured gems, pearls and even shades of gold. This boho choker with pom-poms (Rs 499) will go perfectly with any blue, red or yellow top!

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6. Size The Oversized Right

6 ways to wear the trickiest trends

Love oversized silhouettes but they end up making you look way bulkier than you are? Well, we guess it’s time to put a belt on it  and cinch that waist to look a whole lot sexier. Try wearing a basic white shirt with a broad corset belt (Rs 650) to look haute!

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7. Mix And Match Fabrics

7 ways to wear the trickiest trends

It’s always a great idea to mix and match contrasting fabrics together. Be it something as basic as wearing a smooth satin slip top or dress with a rugged denim jacket, or even styling it with a linen undershirt. That’s exactly why we’re loving this floral print layered midi dress (Rs 1,169) This styling hack doesn’t require you to make a trip to the mall or even buy new things. Just mix up what you already have!

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