Forgot Your Hubby’s Birthday?! 10 AWESOME Ways To Control The Damage!

Forgot Your Hubby’s Birthday?! 10 AWESOME Ways To Control The Damage!

Okay, we aren’t about to sugarcoat this one sweetheart – if you forgot his birthday, you kind of f*ck$d up! If he’s the sort who will never let you forget it, we have a way to remedy the situation rapidly.

1. Surprise him with travel plans!

This is going to take a lot of meticulous planning and effort but book a nice staycation somewhere close to the city and plan the perfect getaway. Remember, it’s really hard to be mad when you’re in a ‘happy high’ amidst beautiful vineyards, with a gorgeous view before you.

Log onto MakeMyTrip and start planning now! They have some awesome deals going on. 

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2. DIY the apology!

Anybody can buy a gift, right? So you’re going to have to put in a lot of effort with this one. Make something with your own two hands. Paint a picture, make a collage of the two of you, draw a map of where you guys have travelled…the possibilities are endless! But he will be touched when he knows you put in time and effort in a gift that came straight from your heart.

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Don't forget to slip him an apology card along with the DIY gift. You can buy this one on Amazon for Rs 95. 

3. Food is love

We all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Plan a gastronomical bonanza. One whole week of his favourite foods, what say? Bonus points if you cook some of these meals yourself. He’ll be so satiated he’ll forget he was ever angry!

How about wearing a chef's hat for the day and cooking him a delicious surprise, and we don’t mean you slathered with chocolate! You can buy it here for Rs 249.

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4. Belated Surprise Party

You’ve got to make his birthday a super big deal now that you messed up by forgetting it. The perfect way to do that is get his friends and family – basically all his favourite people involved! He’ll never anticipate a belated birthday bash and that’ll be the whole beauty of it. No chance he can stay mad at you after the whole shindig!

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Do up the room with these adorable foil balloons. Priced at Rs 299, it's all you need to set the ball rolling. 

5. By being extra naughty!

Hello, we aren’t going to be PG 13 about this one. Be extra naughty in bed and surprise him with some new moves. Ain’t no sex like make up sex anyway, right? Up your game under the sack and don’t forget to don that sexy lingerie for a striptease or a naughty game or two. We reckon he’ll be more than ready to forgive you after this belated “celebration”.

Slip into a naughty babydoll and watch his jaw drop open. We love this Zivame Summer Bounty Very Sexy Babydoll for Rs 1,836.

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6. Plan a treasure hunt

Buy him all his favourite things and plan an elaborate treasure hunt. Yeah, the kind with clues and everything! He’ll be more than excited when it unfolds and this will be one memorable experience for the both of you.

7. Do the thing he’s always asked of you

Every husband has that one thing he’s always wanted his wife to do! It could be learning to make his favourite dish, it could be learning to change a light bulb, or learning how to swim or drive. Point is, surprise him by actually going ahead and learning it. The look on his face will be priceless when he finds out you put in that kind of time and effort for him. We’d like to think this kind of, sort of makes up for the goof up!

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8. Be super creative

Now is the time to summon all your creative resources. Plan the perfect detailed apology by giving him a set of passes for the next time he messes up (lord knows there are enough of those times!). Design and print out/hand draw these ‘coupons’ or ‘passes’ that serve as a clean chit for the future times that he upsets you. So once could say ‘You are forgiven for snoring loudly and disturbing my sleep’. Another could be ‘You are forgiven for snapping at me’. Give him a bunch of these as an apology for this huge mess up of yours! We think it’s a slightly cheesy, super cute gift that hubs is really going to love!

How about painting him a surprise? Get creative with the Faber Castell Water Colour Pack and paint him a gift he will always reminisce. Price Rs 395, buy it here.

9. Rely on nostalgia

Start with taking him to the place you guys first met, then go to all the places you used to go earlier – include the coffee shops, restaurants, theatres, perhaps even college! Everything that you know is going to make him melt and serve as the perfect reminder that you two go so way back that a little slip up here and there can be easily forgiven!

A photo frame with a cutesy picture of you two would surely touch his heart. Price Rs 329, buy it here.

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10. Make it a cinematic experience to remember

Make a short film about the two of you – you can do this easily on a simple movie editing software. Include everyday pictures of your life, and some wedding footage too – set it to his favourite song and surprise him with this movie. But don’t step there, hire a projector and turn your room into a theatre. Then send him an invite for this ‘screening’. Dim the lights, pop some corn and watch this movie about the two of you while holding hands. We think this super sweet and romantic gesture is just the perfect way to redeem yourself.

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