10 Way To Make The Most Out Of Being On Top! *Wink*

10 Way To Make The Most Out Of Being On Top! *Wink*

We can list more than just a few reasons on why being on top is a fantastic position for you to try out! It not only allows you more gratification but also brings you closer to your partner and puts you in-charge of your own pleasure! It helps you decide the pace and how deep you want him to enter, which in turn makes it easier for you to reach an orgasm! Here are 10 tips on how you can make the most out of riding atop your husband!

1. No rights or wrongs

Don’t put pressure on yourself to get it ‘right’ as there are no rights and wrongs here. Remember that it is all about your pleasure and enjoyment!

1 being on top

2. Ignore the porn videos

Ignore the videos you watched online to prepare yourself for this position. You must have seen in porn videos how the woman is bouncing up and down and being a complete pro at it! Although, in reality, focus on making this position more relaxed and one that is comfortable to you. Make small ranges of motion, move slowly and grind more than bounce.

22 being on top

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3. Belly dance tutorials

Since you would have to be playful and find the movement in which you are comfortable the most, you could watch a few belly dance tutorials on YouTube. This will help you learn different ways you can move your hips. Yes, you can thank us later!

3 being on top

4. Experiment with yourself

If you are shy and embarrassed to try it for the first time with your partner, we suggest you try the position with yourself. Since this position is all about moving your hips, get on your knees on your bed and stuff some pillows between your legs and try moving around your hips in different ways. We know this sounds stupid (and weird) but just go with it and you’ll see.

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5. Squeeze your legs

Once you are in the position with him, squeeze your legs and bring your knees closer to each other. This will help squeeze your pelvic muscles which would allow for greater friction between his penis and your clitoris.

5 being on top

6. Adjust the rhythm

Don’t make sex a race. Let it be something which has intervals of both slow as well as fast speed. Adjust the force according to your liking. Switch your movement from fast to slow and keep changing the depth from shallow to deep. This would allow for multiple stimulation.

6 being on top

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7. Move in circular motion

Rather than moving in just an up and down direction, switch your movement and move in a circular motion as this would be more pleasurable to both of you!

7 being on top

8. Look into his eyes

Having eye contact during sex can create magic and make things hotter for the two of you. While you are on top of him, make eye contact. The movement along with eye contact is going to provide both emotional and physical pleasure.

8 being on top

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9. Use your forearms for balance

Being on top is nothing less than a full body workout. To balance yourself in this position and take the pressure off from one area of your body, lean forward and place your forearms on either side of your partner’s head. This helps you distribute the weight evenly and allows for controlled movement.

9 being on top

10. Tweak the position

Rather than just sitting on him, lie flat on his chest. This twist in the position would not only make you closer to him but the skin to skin rubbing of your boobs with his chest would make the experience more pleasurable for both.

11 being on top

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