Hot and tempting ways to dominate your man in bed

Hot and tempting ways to dominate your man in bed

7 Little Ways *to dominate your man In Bed!

For ages women have been taught to act coy in the bedroom. Hide behind their ghungats and giggle while waiting for the man to initiate things. But hopefully we’ve moved beyond the era of 80s Hindi movies! In case you’re still coming across like Juhi Chawla and want to start channeling your inner Esha Gupta, we got you covered. Here are some great ways to dominate your man in bed and be the queen.

1. Listen to him and take subtle hints

Have you been wondering, how to dominate your man in bed? First things first, you need to be a good listener when you’re talking to him about sex. It’s human nature to drop hints when we least expect! And always remember to ask him questions. For example, if he says he likes foreplay, ask him what kind? Does he like making out for longer or does he want to try something kinkier? A little food foreplay? Some erotic reading? Even if he doesn’t know what he wants, at least you will get him wondering! And once you know what he wants you will not be looking for ways to dominate your man in bed.

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Go ahead and try some Hershey’s chocolate syrup (Rs. 180) in bed. You could lick it, spill it...whatever you like!

2. Start by taking control during foreplay

One of the best ways to dominate you husband is to get on it before he does. Now that you know what kind of foreplay both of you like. Make sure you begin the foreplay on your own. Pull him inside the bedroom. Lay him down on the bed, get on top of him and start with little things like nibbling his ears or kissing his neck. The mere fact that you are taking the horse by it’s reins is bound to get super...hard!

You can wear a pair of stilettos with ankle straps (Rs 2,999) just to make things a little extra hot!

3. Talk dirty!

Dirty talking is the most underrated ways to dominate your man when it comes great sex. We all know that words can, sometimes, be mightier than the sword. So if you were to just curve your lips in a mischievous smile and say ‘I want you to unzip my dress right NOW!’ it can heat things up quite a bit!
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Surprise him with Meggle spray whipped cream (Rs 399) and ask him to lick it off of you! It’s tasty and hot!

4. Boss him around

You already rule his life, but wondering how to dominate your man in bed?

Tell him what he needs to do and we promise he won’t be able to say no. Direct his moves - ask him to take off those pants while looking him directly in those gorgeous eyes. Don’t even shy away from asking him to go down on you (it’s not the taboo we think it is!) and when he does something good, make sure there is a loud moan to tell him that!

Go ahead and ask for a nice sensual massage with this Durex massage gel (Rs 575) to make things extra hot. You know you deserve it!

5. Get deep into role play!

Everyone wants to try new things in bed. But being the one who suggests it will put you in the power position. It is one of the sure shot ways to dominate your husband in bed. Here are some ideas to get you started but you don’t even have to play by the rules. You can be two characters from that movie you guy absolutely love. Haven’t you always wondered what their sex life would be like? Now you can know for yourself!
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And to help you a little, we suggest you try on this nurse costume (Rs 1,710) and give him the best night of his life!

6. Try a little bondage

If you find the other ways to dominate your man too mainstream, take the road less taken. BDSM is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. Of course, as fun as it is, it’s also tough. So you have to remember to have a hard and soft limit for when you get down to it. Also start easy by tying him up in handcuffs and riding him. On top is one of the best places to be, after all!

Try this pair of handcuffs (Rs 270) we found on Amazon to drive him crazy!

7. Pick a special outfit

A cute little babydoll you saw the other day while shopping online? Here’s a reason to buy it! Half the battle is won if you’re dressed for the occasion, right? Afterall one of the best ways to dominate your husband is dominating his fantasies.

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And we found the perfect hot babydoll (Rs 899) that he will not be able to resist!

What you waiting for? Dominate away, babies!