9 Ways To Make Memories On Your Vacation Without Taking A Single Photograph!

9 Ways To Make Memories On Your Vacation Without Taking A Single Photograph!

‘Show me pictures or it didn’t happen!’ is way too real for us millennials. We have sophisticated phones, professional high-end cameras, and the multitude of lenses, photo-editing options available for all kinds of photographs, and it can get stressful to get that picture-perfect photograph on your trip! But what if we suggest you ditch those photographs and take a look at some of the creative ways you can document your vacation without ever needing to pick up a camera? Read on...

1. Journalling your experiences

The easiest and the most common method to record your adventures, a journal is handy, efficient and when handwritten, gives a rather personal touch to your memories. Swap the clickety-clack of the keys on your keyboard for a tryst with the pen and paper instead!

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1 document your vacation - travel journal

2. Scrapbooking bits and pieces of your adventures

Relive the days of your childhood and get your creativity flowing by assembling all the pieces of your travel in one book, literally! From train tickets, restaurant receipts, brochures, and pamphlets, movie stubs or even boarding passes, get scrapbooking and treasure them for life!

3. Travel music

Curate a travel playlist for your journey, and make it a point to hear them on your trip, whenever you get a chance. Your brain has the potential to revive memories from songs you’ve heard, and you’ll soon find yourself in the mountains of Himachal even as you sit listening to the song at a traffic jam in your city!

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3 document your vacation - travel playlist

4. Postcards from you!

Head to souvenir shops of exciting locations and purchase postcards to send them to yourself back home. Imagine coming home from your trip, and being greeted by a horde of memories that you made yourself! That should take care of your vacation withdrawal symptoms for a while!

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5. DIY World Map

Create the world map on a blank sheet of paper with just the outlines of countries, and states if you wish to include details. Once back from each country, you can fill in the section of the map that you’ve been to, and much like a bucket list, you can artistically tick off places on your list by colouring in the map!

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5 document your vacation

6. Save all that leftover money!

Save currency notes of various denominations from the countries you visit, and once home, you can laminate or frame them as valuable memorabilia of the places you went and the people you met. Perhaps even dedicate a section of your wall for currency around the world?

7. Sketch and doodle!

Don’t let words take over all of your journey. One of the best ways to harness your creative energy is to create a visual representation of your experiences. Sketching landscapes and anecdotes, and short doodles to remind you of happy incidents can add a splash of colour to your documenting process!

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7 document your vacation - sketching

8. Blog it!

The internet is home for the entire blogosphere out there, and you can certainly contribute to the network of travel bloggers with details of the trip you’ve undertaken. The information won’t just be used for your personal documentation, but can actually be helpful for fellow-travellers searching for inspiration themselves!

9. Digital mapping

Thanks to social media, we have innumerable ways to document our vacations, including geotags and location check-ins that make it easy to keep tabs on all our activities. Digital wallets, e-receipts, to-do lists, reminders, emails, and chats are all devices that bring our travel data at one place, for convenient recollection of our expeditions.

9 document your vacation - digital media

So, how are you going to be making memories on your next trip?

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