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7 Ways To Make PMS-ing Easier On A Work Day!!

7 Ways To Make PMS-ing Easier On A Work Day!!

Ugh, period! Aunt Flo is our least favourite person ever! I personalize here because she visits us every month, annoys the hell out of us and leaves us a little worse for wear (read: our underwears)! Plus, she gets her two pesky kids, mood swings and bloating along with her! She’s just the absolute worst. And even though we can never get around the mood swings, we need to learn to manage our PMS better for we cannot stop our work or our lives for it. Also, it’s not the best idea to snap at your boss or your co-worker because you are in so much pain. We wish it was, but it really isn’t! Here are 7 ways to deal with PMS at work.

1. Snack Healthy

Foods high in salt or artificial sugar elevate the symptoms of PMS. While salt leads to water retention and bloating, artificial sugar has negative effects on hormone balance. Up your intake of fruits, veggies, and whole grains. You’ll benefit from these changes in your diet not only during your period but all month long.

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2. Stay Off A Few Foods

We know you cannot function without coffee but it’s best if you try to cut down on the caffeine during your PMS. Alcohol and drinks containing caffeine tend to make your symptoms of PMS, mostly cramping, even worse, something you just don’t want to experience during your work day! Try green tea or juices instead!

2 ways to deal with pms

3. Hydrate Yourself

You’ve got 99 problems and water is the solution to about 85 of them. It’s a total myth that drinking more water will lead to bloating. In fact, staying hydrated will help eliminate the bloated sensation.

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4. No Stress

‘No stress’ is easier said than when you have multiple deliverables and deadlines. But still, relaxing and reducing stress will help a lot in easing the symptoms of PMS. A little meditation, reading a good book or some yoga are all excellent options to relieve stress so that your next day at work is as pleasant as it can be!

4 ways to deal with pms

5. Exercise

We all know exercising releases endorphins but what we don’t know is that these endorphins help relieve some of the pain by relaxing the muscles as well. So take a light jog, go for a swim or stretch a little for an easier period.

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6. Try Some Supplements

There are certain nutrients that help with PMS. Taking calcium supplements have shown to relieve muscle spasms and cramps while omega-3s and linoleic acid found in supplements, can lessen irritability and reduce the aches associated with menstruation.

6 ways to deal with pms

7. Accept What’s Happening

Sometimes we don’t even know we’re acting a little hormonal or unreasonable until after. So, the first step to dealing with PMS is accepting that all women go through it and it’s natural. Once you’ve accepted that, you’ll be better equipped to deal with it.

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Face the pesky monthly cycle head-on, sister!

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