Excited To Have A New Bhabhi? Here Are 10 Cool Ways To Bond With Her Before The Wedding!

Excited To Have A New Bhabhi? Here Are 10 Cool Ways To Bond With Her Before The Wedding!

Bonding with the new members in your family is no easy task. And when it comes to your bhabhi, it sure can be a bit tricky. You’re going to live together and it can be a lot of fun if you get along with each other. Trust us to guide you then on the best ways to bond with your bhabhi, smoothly and efficiently, even before the wedding!

1. Make the first move and call her up, even if she doesn’t

Let her know how excited all of you are to make her a part of your family. Remember that she is going through too many emotions right now and needs to feel this love for her to feel a bit better about leaving her own family behind.  

2. Shopping can turn strangers into sisters!

Well, we’ve never seen anyone unhappy with shopping bags in their hands. Plus now that you will be shopping for your bhabhi, it only makes sense that you invite her to come along with you! You’ll get an idea of what she likes and dislikes and it’ll prove to be a great way to bond with her while you are at it.

2  bond with your bhabhi

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3. Help plan her bachelorette with her sisters and friends.

It’d be a chance for you to meet her closest girlfriends and sisters and together they can fill you in on her little quirks and many qualities. Plus, by planning her bachelorette you might just become a part of her inner squad and that’ll help her treat you as her confidante after the wedding too.

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4. Send her a friend request on social media, but don’t try to dig up her past over it

Of course you’d be curious to see what her life is like, but don’t go about liking or commenting on every picture, for no one likes the feeling of being stalked. However, liking a recent picture or two and leaving a nice comment on it can only send out a positive message..

4  bond with your bhabhi

5. Be warm to her and her family every time you meet them before the wedding

She’d be nervous about living among new people and would try to judge you all through these brief meetings, before the wedding. So be warm to her like she is family already and put all her doubts to rest. If you show love and respect to her family, she’ll only pay back in kind.

6. Help your brother plan a surprise dinner date for her

Most men lack the skills required to plan perfect surprises - with flowers, cakes, dances and wine. Sure, it’s a tiring, backend job, but it’ll warm her heart to you and she’ll also remember to credit you for making it the most romantic night of her life.

6 bond with your bhabhi

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7. Plan a surprise for her at the sangeet

There will be dance performances from both the sides, yes, but wouldn’t it be great if you planned a Hum Saath Saath Hai style dance for her and introduced her to all your family members just like they did in the movie? It’d make her day even more special, we promise!

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8. Bond over shared hobbies and talk of the things you both love

What better way to come close to each other than with the things both of you love doing? Be it cooking, reading or gardening – talk about the things you love and maybe plan to try them out together.

8 bond with your bhabhi

9. Make a genuine effort to ensure that her space in her future home provides her maximum comfort

When you get her room, her closet and her bathroom done up, make sure that her convenience is in the top of your mind. It’s a good idea to involve her when you’re choosing say, the color shade of her room, ‘coz after all she’d be the one living in it. Go for the best of everything and let her know that her comfort is being taken care of.

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10. Give each other time

You’re going to become sisters by law, but you aren’t sisters by birth. Get to know each other and don’t rush into judging one another. It’s a fragile relationship, but if nurtured with care, it can make both your lives infinitely beautiful.

10  bond with your bhabhi

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