7 Ways Girls Undermine Each Other Unknowingly - Let’s Stop!

 7 Ways Girls Undermine Each Other Unknowingly - Let’s Stop!

There’s a reason why the movie Mean Girls did so well. We all have known to have some pretty harsh treatment from our own kind. Female friendships need to be supportive and beautiful, empowering even. But the truth is, we end up pulling each other down in so many unconscious ways. I went scouting for phrases and situations that leave a negative impact and here is what I found!

1. ‘You’re Too Fat For That!’

Clothes are made for people, people aren't made for clothes! We need to get comfy in our own bodies and if a girl tells you that your hips are too broad or your waist is too skinny, don’t shy away from giving her a piece of your mind.

1 girls undermine each other

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2. ‘Have You Always Had So Many Pimples?’

Your skin is perfect and your smile isn’t too toothy, maybe you can’t pout but it doesn’t matter! Do your own thing and empower those around you.

3. ‘You Aren’t Smart Enough For This.’

Not everybody is meant for the same things in life, don’t judge a fish by her ability to climb a tree. Respect each other’s professions and spread some #girlboss love.

3 girls undermine each other

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4. ‘Oh My God, Why Are You Being Such A Slut/Prude?’

Maybe you’re a happy virgin or maybe you just really enjoy casual sex! Let everyone’s sexual choices be personal.

5. ‘Are You Really Going To Wear That?’

You’re not dressing up for anybody except yourself. Tell your friends that they look gorgeous in everything. Be their confidence and yours too!

5 girls undermine each other

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6. ‘You’re Being Such A Whore!’

Just stop with the sexist swear words (including regional versions of them), it isn’t cool to use terms like whore or motherf*cker, it just gives men the freedom to use them as well. (Hello Mean Girls throwback!)

7. ‘Ew, He Is So Ugly. Why Are You Dating Him?’

7 girls undermine each other

He loves her, treats her right and she’s happy. He might not seem attractive to you, but she needs you to tell her you’re glad she’s happy, not make her feel terrible about falling in love!

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Remember, we’re each other’s strength, not weakness!

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