10 #Unladylike Things Men Actually Love About Women!

10 #Unladylike Things Men Actually Love About Women!

Since childhood, we’ve heard about ‘ladylike’ behaviour. How many times have we been subjected to ‘sit properly’ or ‘men don’t like women who are loud’ and ‘don’t be crass, it’s not very becoming for women’ lectures? Way too many times, in my opinion. It’s time to put a stop to it. It’s time to be a little unladylike. It’s time to embrace ourselves and not be ashamed of our bodies or our spirit. And if you are worried that being unladylike will reduce your chances when it comes to men, trust us, the right man will love you for who you really are.

1. Making the first move

We’ve heard a lot about men being turned off by women who make the first move. Apparently, the more you make them work for it, the more they value you. In reality, feel free to ignore such baseless advice. Just like women, men love the attention and like to feel desired. So go on, make the first move, whether it’s in the bedroom or outside, men totally dig it!

1 unladylike things

2. Messy Hair

Conventionally pretty girls are supposed to have long, straight hair. Anything other than that is seen as unladylike (God knows why though!) But just like your clothes, your hair is an expression of your personality too. Whether you decide to keep them long, short, straight or curly, it’s your decision. As long as you are comfortable in your skin and can carry it off with confidence, men will love whatever way you decide to style your hair.

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3. Sitting improperly

Apparently, women are supposed to sit up straight with their legs crossed at the ankles to appear graceful and poised while men can sit any way they want to! Patriarchy strikes again!

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4. Drinking hard liquor

A woman and her wine are best friends. Anything other than wine is considered ‘manly’, especially if you are the kind of girl who loves her beer and whiskey. These stereotypes are archaic and done-with because men certainly enjoy the company of women who can hold their alcohol. Please, and thank you!

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5. Laughing out loud

Don’t laugh too loudly and keep a hand on your mouth while laughing are some things we’ve all heard from our mummies when we were being taught how to be more ladylike. But who cares? Certainly not the men in our life! They love nothing more than a woman who can laugh heartily at all the jokes and sometimes even at themselves!

5 unladylike thingd

6. Speaking your mind

A woman with an opinion is an attractive woman. Nobody wants to spend time with a doormat. We all want partners who will challenge us and help us grow. So go ahead, speak your mind. It may be unladylike but it is appreciated!

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7. Eating to your heart’s content

We’re always conscious of how much we are eating and whether somebody else will judge us for the same or not. In this process, we forget to enjoy our food. But it’s time to forget all that. There is no harm in eating the amount of food that you want to eat, even if it is a stuffed pizza in one sitting.

7 unladylike things

8. Cracking a dirty joke

The dirty side of humour has always been reserved for men because, well, they are men. We women have been told to leave dirty jokes to the men while our job is only to pretend to be aghast when they crack them. But trust us, men are certainly fond of ladies who can crack them up. So get out your repository of jokes and get started.

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9. Saying it like you feel it

Women have been always taught to hide their emotions, especially negative ones. Calm and poise make a woman, a woman. But not anymore. Expressing how you exactly feel and saying it out loud make a woman, a woman. Men love a woman who is open to expressing her feelings and saying it like it is. Nobody has the time to play guessing games.

9 unladylike things

10. Splitting the bill

When both of you are earning your own money and are independent, why should he always pick up the cheque? Reaching out for the cheque once in awhile will make him feel appreciated!

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Go ahead and get #Unladylike!

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